October Pink

Today is the debut of a new contributor here-the Juliana Daidone. Friend and owner of a good taste can’t be beat and the name behind the Superstore of decor Design Room. Here the Ju will show a little in the world of decoration, with beautiful ideas to inspire us. But it’s not a rule. If she wants to, will write (very well, I bet!) on any topic that’s worth the tip. Read all about it here. I hope you enjoy and that give affection! 

By Juliana Daidone

In October, it never hurts to remember: the color is pink because it is the official month of information campaign on breast cancer.

Pink is the color, soft, feminine, soothing, warm and arouses good feelings. To be often associated with children and to the children’s universe, some have prejudice against it, but I particularly LOVE, mostly used with black!

For me, the secret to pink, is in how it is used and the combination chosen, both in clothing, accessories, and decor. Here at jolietcheckout you can get more models of the decoration ideas. Pink is not the same as Barbie, or can be, if that’s what you like. But to break the prejudice, separated some combinations that I like, going from “cute” to “shocking”:

In decorating, I’ve never done the style “cute”, and maybe that’s why my family has been so surprised to see for the first time my pink wall. I remember my sister saying “rose, Juliana?? Very cute for you! “. Hardly knew her as I was settling in that wall, which until then was naked …

Composited with frames with black frame and some souvenirs and childhood, present, and even a picture with a Black Crow. Was super cool and nothing morbid or conventional. One day I show here …

And there? Wanted to paint your wall?