Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Why Choose Them?

The sports sunglasses Oakley carry incorporated a high quality definition technology “Higt Definition Optics” that optimize viewing quality and performance to improve the performance of professional athletes.

Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Why Choose Them?

Oakley’s high definition offers clear and clear vision compared to other conventional lenses that can alter the actual image.

Oakley sunglasses lenses and their HDO technology exceed the limits set by the US National Accreditation Institute, where they are examined in detail to meet the conditions of sharpness, clarity and protection.

Reasons Why You Must Choose Your Oakley Sunglasses

Polarized Oakley Lenses…

Are manufactured in a special way where the polarizedtreatment is part of the lens itself and does not require glue or films that alter the image, so with the Oakley sunglasses the quality of vision is guaranteed. This aspect is very important for those who work or play outdoor sports; Skiers, fishermen, golfers, cyclists, etc.

Its Resistance To Impacts…

Is tested under extreme conditions to ensure superior protection. Its technology guarantees comfort and safety so that professionals only care about the competition. Material Plutonite, patented Oakley has unique features that provide unique advantages with any other material.

Iridium Vision

The crystals manufactured with this technology eliminate 99% of the radiance emitted by very flat surfaces such as road, sea or snow. Great professionals demand these lenses for competition as sometimes the discomfort of reflected light causes fatigue, mental fatigue, temporary vision cancellation and even withdrawal from competition. In addition, the iridium lens improves contrast, making it easier to appreciate the details of the pavement or path.

UV Protection

The invisible rays of ultraviolet light impact the retina and provide damage, in most cases non-reversible, which in the long run can lead to cataracts, photokertitis, Dmae, etc. This is something that is not seen, nor give prior warning of the damage that is occurring as it accumulates over time.Oakley’s Plutonite material does not let UV rays through its full spectrum of wavelengths to protect your eyes at all times.

With Oakley sport sunglasses they care about optimization and quality of vision. They are Premium materials chosen by professionals of elite sports. In addition, their glasses are also recommended for all standard use, as they improve vision in daily and natural conditions of day to day

No limits your vision to a standard protection that any crystal can offer, bets on the high definition and greater contrast. Bet on a goggle that takes care of your eyesight and defines objects with more contrasts.

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