Now You Can Download Remix OS 32-Bit

Remix OS is now one of the best attempts to carry Android to PC in a way quite easy and fast. You only need to download the image, copy it to a USB stick and use a boot device. The system works reasonably well for an early version, provided your PC components are compatible.

Jide have been very busy since the public launch of its Android for PC, both correcting technical terms in licenses as releasing updates for the system, and was precisely in this last ad when he also spoke for the first time of a 32-bit version the system, which would be available soon.

Well, a promise is debt and exactly one week later, You can Download the 32-bit version Remix OS from this torrent. As they continue meeting deadlines as rigorously will get Bulldog, the truth.

Compatibility is multiplied

The requirements for using Remix OS were not of itself very demanding. Official information spoke of a USB 3.0 port (although many users report that it is not necessary), a USB 8 GB capacity or more memory and a 64-bit processor. Now this last requirement disappears, so the potential Remix OS compatibility extends even further.

The Download file It is only available now in torrent form, as he published Jide in his corner on XDA forums. Remix OS 32 bit version has version number 2016020101, more advanced than the latest 64-bit version available, the 2016012301, but in principle has no other changes beyond the compatibility with 32-bit processors.