NoGoogle Tea Offers Microsoft Applications as Alternative to Google Apps for CM13

The next step after flashing a ROM on your Android is often install a basic package of Google Apps, or Gapps. The list of applications including varies the Packager, but the most basic is to include Google Play so other applications you can install on your own.

A member of XDA but has decided experience another type of package, having instead of include Google applications Microsoft’s or other manufacturers. The author explains that he created this package for those who want a better autonomy battery, not be spied upon by Google or simply experience.

Life without Google on Android is not a path of roses, so before testing the project NoGoogle in your CyanogenMod 13 must make a backup your contacts somewhere that is not Google (for example with CMBackup).

Where I said Google I say Microsoft

This experiment is still in development, but already you can download and try MSAPPS, the alternative to Google applications based on Microsoft applications. The author is also preparing alternatives based on the applications from Amazon (AMAPPS) and Cheetah (Chapps). Similarly, only the version for CyanogenMod 13 It is available, while the AOSP is under construction.

The applications included in the package MSAPPS destined to replace Google alternatives are as follows (Note: not all are Microsoft).

  • Sunrise calendar
  • Maps here
  • Microsoft account
  • Bing Weather
  • Bing
  • Picturesque lock screen
  • Hexo theme
  • Arrow launcher
  • Cortana
  • Office excel
  • Office word
  • Office PowerPoint
  • Office Lens
  • OneNote
  • Onedrive
  • Outlook
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Translator
  • Microsoft remote desktop
  • Microsoft Health
  • Groove music
  • Maxx audio
  • Swiftkey
  • Quickpic
  • NewPipe

Installation (under your own responsibility, clear) is quite simple. First, you must make a copy of your contacts, then install CM13 and finally install the NOGOOGLE package. After the system is booted, it restores your contacts from Backup CM.

If something goes wrong, or you have the sudden realization that you’ve made a mistake and need to Google back to your mobile phone, you do not have more than return to Flash the latest nightly to get everything back to normal.