Nike Reversible Women’s Sport Bra

The most famous sport in the world clothing brand took a big step a few days ago. We explain what happened with two round female athletes.

Sports Round Women in the Spotlight

After Ashley Graham, who made the “Sports illustrated”, it’s now two superb round sports to shine on the official Nike Instagram page. We see Paloma Elsesser pose with a white sports bra as well as Claire Fontaine wearing bra which adopts a posture of yoga.

We told you, the pictures of women who practice yoga cause a real buzz from last year. We finally realize that be lavish or buxom does not mean Miss flexibility.

More broadly, some mainstream media now convey a positive message: can be round (or obese) and do sport. Being “big” is more systematically synonymous with bad health or bad hygiene of life.

A campaign That Supports the Body Acceptance

While Nike is known to be a quite elitist, claw there that she wanted to leave room for round women in sports in its new campaign of body acceptance.

Playful, many Internet users have specified the brand they were really happy to see finally people who look like them in advertisements Nike. Some even were even more optimistic:

When a big brand like Nike decides to take a positive step, we hope that this creates a chain reaction, that many other manufacturers will decide to show female athletes of all sizes. They normalize the fact that a body is just a body, without a particular category.

On his side, the direction of the brand contacted not much on this too sudden and unexpected decision. One of his spokesmen has still specified that many surprises were yet to come… Perhaps opening a collection of size large sport clothing , who knows?