Nicola Griffin, The 56 Year Old Model Who Stars In Lingerie Campaign

Nicola Griffin is not a supermodel or not young, but is aware of her body. But that does not stop starring in fashion campaigns in lingerie and become the first woman over 50 years to appear in Sports Illustrated.  This British 56 years is one of the new voices in the fashion industry that advocates a change in the standards of beauty , and like tops curvy as Ashley Graham is getting that older women get to be represented in an obsessed industry bodies young and thin.

Nicola Griffin stars in a lingerie campaign for slink Magazine, specializing in large sizes magazine. Photographed by Roberto Aguilar, poses in a campaign that wants to claim the beauty of women 50 years and curves in the industry today. And judging by the pictures is very clear that the model is very comfortable posing in lingerie. The British model poses in lingerie nightgowns, in bodies and even garters to show that you can be sexy at any age.

The issue of this magazine this month is dedicated to women who are passionate about what they do and for their bodies, and shows several confident women showing themselves and their bodies. Nicole Griffin is the real protagonist, wearing lingerie body of more than 50 years without any shame.  The magazine reflects on the image shown in the media of women, often retouched to be perfect according to current standards of beauty. With photo shoots like this it is clear that the fashion industry is changing. More and more brands and publications are betting on models different and that resemble today ‘s society. What do you think the campaign by this model 56 years.