New Trend: Baby Shower Parties

Celebrations are to be celebrated as they fall. A new trend is emerging – from a surprise – from the USA: baby shower parties. Pinterest swells almost over, numerous (English language) books or materials are available. A small network tour:

The name “Baby Shower” has nothing to do with showering – it is rather the fact that the (becoming) mother and the accompanying baby are “showered with love / gifts” with love or gifts. Traditionally, baby showers were only given for the first child and also invited only women. The purpose behind it was to become wisdom around the mother or to exchange mother and share. In the course of time, the party was also extended to other children as well as partly also for different “target groups” – family, colleagues etc.- Often it is also an alternative to traditional celebrations, such as a baptism.

The most important rule is: never organize yourself! Often a close friend, an aunt or the grandmother acts as an organizer. This makes sense, because you as a freshly baked mother stressful stress. Otherwise there are no rules – is allowed, what pleases: “Ladys only”, before the birth or after the birth …

An idea collection from the net – between kitschy, tasteless and original, from baby blue to princess pink:

On the net-and especially on Pinterest – there are numerous ideas on how to get creative to a baby shower party.

To Eat And Drink

Often it does not have to be the professional mega-buffet (although some can be carried away), it can also create a real eye-catcher with little things and funny ideas:


In terms of decoration, you can hit the spot – whoever likes it … and who has nephews (but – heureka! – see above: never organize yourself, but organize!)
A small selection of ideas can be found here: pinterest .com/muttisnaehkae / baby-shower-ideas

Gift Ideas And Activities

Some adorable ideas for mother and child, which can be done for little money – according to the DIY trend.

Wishes for the baby: Everyone receives a slip to complete (see left).This allows all invited persons to bestow their best wishes into the child’s life. At the same time, it is a wonderful reminder for the guestbook or the photo album.

Babies guess: Ask the guests to take a photo of themselves as a baby. The baby photos are then anonymously suspended at a central location (eg simply on a clothesline stretched across the room). Now all guests can guess which image belongs to. This would also be a nice opportunity to get to know each other so far unknown guests.

At prenatal party:

Birth necklace: Ask all guests to bring a pendant or a pearl – nothing too valuable. At the party, each guest threads his bead together with accompanying advice, encouragement or desire on a band. This creates an individual chain that can help the mother to become an emotional support at birth. Moreover, it is a wonderful memory of a special day.

Gender guess: The revelation of the baby’s baby in the belly can also be duly celebrated – surveys, betting or with the help of a large box filled with balloons in the appropriate color. More

If the baby is already born:

A good investment in the future: photo with baby for a fee – for the image account you can never save money early. Who would not like to grab something deeper into the pocket and with the new earth citizen against a small Obulus posing in front of the camera? A beautifully designed photo book with the resulting snapshots is also a nice gift for mother and child.

… and if I think it right, then this photo shoot is synonymous prenatal – then is just with belly posing! For the baby, so much flashing lightning storms means too much stress anyway.

Speaking of the gift side: the diaper to be raised in drugstore shops can also be interpreted creatively!