New Movie with Vintage Aesthetics of Promises

Kate Winslet star revenge is on Fashion, film based on the novel of the same name, written by Rosalie Ham. In the feature, we see Tilly Dunnage, a mysterious seamstress that returns to your homeland (in rural Australia) to take care of your mother.
In search of redemption for allegedly murdering a boy when I was a kid, Tilly draws attention of everyone in the city, mostly of women, for a peculiar feature: revolutionize the fashion scene. In addition, new relationships are built and, perhaps, a new love!
We can see a dignified parade where, in the best style dresses haute couture, appear as fundamental parts, turning several characters who, throughout the film, gain confidence and notoriety.
The outfit was none other who Margot Wilson, renowned Australian costume designer.Their readings included curation of great classics, like Dior and Balenciaga, and all pieces were produced from scratch. In the plot, we see that Tilly (Kate Winslet) was in Paris and Milan working under the tutelage of Madame Vionnet and Cristobal Balenciaga, important names in the history of Haute Couture.
The book is, in many ways, what drives the visual narrative of the film. And in this case was no different. Although it received criticism about the predictable script, revenge is on fashion is a real treat for lovers of the Decade of 1950.
Your faithful nostalgic aesthetic do live up to the golden years.
If it was curious to see on VINTAGEMATTERS, we have good news! The film is scheduled for release in May