New Jersey of Fiorentina 2016

In the splendid setting of the historic Odeon cinema, for one night turned into a soccer stadium, Le Coq Sportif presented the new jersey of Fiorentina 2016-2017.

Before the event was held a soccer tournament between four teams from the old glories of Fiorentina, by Fiorentina fans and bloggers present of which we had the pleasure of attending. For the record, against bomber Riganò there was nothing to do…

Wearing the tunics on stage there were Borja Valero, Davide Astori, Federico Bah and the youngest female winner Alia Guagni and Oberoi Fiorentina women’s that Sunday will be played female access to next season’s Champions League.

First Jersey Fiorentina

When it comes to Le Coq Sportif is easy to use the adjective elegant, the new purple sweater is distinguished for its attention to detail. Starting from pole elastic collar with a red and white edging echoed on the sleeve hem. Inside is a circular print with the campaign slogan “With the purple heart,” accompanied by a lily, the symbol of club and city.

Corporate crest is embroidered on the heart, as opposed to technical sponsor’s logo in the colours of the French flag, as seen last year for the “first” Le Coq.

The shorts are purple with a red and white line on both sides; the socks have the corporate emblem on the front without decorations in contrast.

The return of the finishes with the colors of Florence – absent from 2001-02 and for years requested loudly by fans – was welcomed. I wonder if, in the future, Le Coq Sportif and the company also bring into favor purple or white shorts.

Fiorentina Jerseys

The basic template is the same as the home uniform with white this time to master. The collar and sleeve edge – always with the story finishes colourful though – they are purple to contrast.

The shorts and socks are the same colour as the shirt. Technically the jerseys are made of polyester with seams for increased comfort and lighter back to improve breathability and moisture transfer. The jersey will be available in two versions at, the pro (equal to that of footballers) and classic replica.