New in the Bag Department: Mr Mark Camp David

Under the motto of ‘Striking bags for strong types’ bag department store welcomes the successful men’s brand Camp David new in the assortment. Future bags, backpacks and travel bags of various series and collections will be available, which are the fashion-conscious, sporty man perfect in leisure or business to the page.

About Camp David

His prominence last but not least was Camp David with musician and producer Dieter Bohlen as promotional ambassadors. Eye-catching logo applications and emblems, as well as classical elements from various sports such as golf or sailing, which give a high recognition value both the clothing and the pockets are characteristic for the label. In particular, the label embodies an authentic style in terms of casual and sportswear. But not only the sporty husband is at Camp David at the right address. In addition, the brand leads an extensive collection of business suits, blazers, or West.

The Clinton wholesale GmbH, which belongs as well the woman brand Soccx and led by Hans-Peter, Jürgen and Thomas Finkbeiner is behind the success of Camp David. Not by chance is the name of companies and brands, instead, the decisive factor was the admiration of the three brothers for the former US President Bill Clinton. So, Camp David is the Wochenendsitz of the former American President.

Today, the fashion company founded in the early of 1990s, is headquartered in Hoppegarten in Berlin with more than 1000 employees. The companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is present in many department stores. The franchise system Chelsea continue to contribute to the success.

Camp David in the Bag Department Store

The bag department store provides a wide range of bags, backpacks and travel bags at Camp David. Different styles and materials open a wide range of masculine leisure and business models. Optimally, they meet the taste of men who are confident in life and dress like fashion dynamically.

The new range, the series includes deep river, which spread with sturdy canvas in white blue or red-blue mark. Casual Messenger, spacious Weekender and a backpack in the format of Seesackes reflect the typical style of the Mr brand with concise print and make you want on the next turn of the sailing.

The lines of Mount Logan, Wolf Creek and Rocky Mountain with partially washed and waxed canvas define core outdoor look in khaki. Strong details from beef or buffalo leather promising complete these models. Man looking for a noble companion for the everyday, he will find it at capes – and briefcases of series Mount McKinley. High-quality cowhide leather is processed here reduced design, classic bags with perfectly organised Interior compartment. As well, art leather at Camp David finds himself.

While mount bear shows the faux leather with antique look, University presents the material in conjunction with Pocket rollovers from velvety suede leather peak.

In addition to fashionable appearance, the pockets of Camp David is characterized by high wearing comfort as well as a functional, modern facilities. For example, many models with a padded laptop or Tabletfach are equipped and have various sorting options. Adapted to the needs of an active, modern men, make their vehicles completely satisfied the bags and backpacks.
The bag department store is pleased to offer one of the most famous trend brands of in Germany with Camp David. The men’s brand promises a positive attitude to life, many men like to identify with the authentic, sporty design. They can pursue this in addition to the selection of their clothes with a corresponding pocket or a matching luggage. The variety of the models of Camp David also enables to have an attractive companion for leisure or professional. A sovereign facilities as well as a reliable quality complete the overall picture of the Brandenburg mark of success.

Welcome in the bag Department, Camp David!