New Emoji Vinyl Available Now

A few days ago we talked to you on this blog of the Emoji vinyls that we had added to our store. In recent days we have been expanding our collection of Emoji emoticon wall decals.

There are few who ask us about them and those who asked us models we did not have to date. Well, we have made a fairly extensive enlargement to find new expressions and you can place them in the places and sizes that suit you.

New Emoji Emoticons

In addition you have them separated into two different sections for you to be more useful. On the one hand, vinyls in wall-mural format with the designs of Emoji that we have selected, taking into account which had been chosen more times. And on the other hand, Emoji stickers with which you can decorate smaller elements and are ideal for example in laptops, mobile or tablets for their small size. Also to decorate surfboards, musical instruments etc.

For example you can find a whole section of animals, where there is the unicorn, monkey, dog, cat etc. Also other Emoji emoticons of expressions that we did not have available at the beginning, as they can be different faces of joy, dream, shame, sunglasses, demons etc.

And finally a small variety where you will find a vinyl of the now famous poop of Whatsapp, monkeys, skulls, donut, cake etc. A selection of the most complete!

In this post some examples of vinyl emoji wall decal are available at, but remember that you can always keep up with all the news that we have following our Pinterest boards. In this case we leave the board below and as soon as we update we can be notified of these news.