New Design Being Tested by Twitter is the Service Becomes Very Similar to Facebook

Major social networks today, the Twitter may be the one that changes the layout more often. So far, no surprise. What astonishes is what might be the new look of the service: the Mashable discovered a supposed new interface being tested that would like Twitter to Facebook or even with Google +.

The site for the captured image shows a profile page with a big cover on top, account data (number of tweets, favorites, followers, etc.) below, Featured user photo in the upper left corner followed by the description (bio) and topics trend and at the center, the tweets themselves.

In this layout, apparently limited to the web version of the service, the messages continue to 140-character limit, but its source is greater and when there are pictures or videos, this content is displayed prominently, such as in the home of a news portal .

Except for the bar at the top of the site, which remains virtually equal to the present, it is a complete redesign of the service, clearly focused on giving more highlights to tweets and thus prevent possibly relevant messages go unnoticed.

If Twitter will even implement this new, do not know. Perhaps it is only those tests that, if for showing so radical, never leave the concept status.

The fact is that Twitter really needs to renew. In financial statements published by the company last week, the company unveiled a comfortable US $ 243 million in the last quarter of 2013 but an increase of only 3.8% in its user base. Situation worrying, especially considering that there are many abandoned or little used accounts.

At a meeting with analysts, Twitter executives pointed to the current service interface with messages published in list form, as one of the reasons for the low uptake of new users. So give even wait impactful changes in service throughout 2014.