NetMovies Do Not Want to be a Competitor of Netflix

The NetMovies made ​​his debut as an online service DVD rental via monthly subscription. To prove able to adapt to changing times, by 2010 the company began offering movies for streaming. Also, he had been able to: it was necessary to face the arrival of Netflix in Brazil. But the strategy did not work, so much so that NetMovies do not want to be seen as a competitor of the US company.

The information comes from newspaper Estado, which found that the main investors NetMovies – the Ideiasnet, Tiger Global and Topel groups – jumped out of business and handed control of the company to a hitherto employee virtually “spoon-fed”, ie, without demanding anything in return. Under new management, the order is now focusing on the model that established the company: the aforementioned rental scheme of DVDs and Blu-ray.

The idea is not bad: with a monthly subscription of 18.90 reais, the user gets in your home DVDs or Blu-rays of the collection of more than 35,000 company films without fixed return period. But there are two problems here: 1) even in the cities served, the coverage areas are limited and quality of service has declined in recent years; 2) ora balls, interest in physical media rentals dropped dramatically, it’s no wonder that the video store on the corner of your house closed.

But, in the current phase, or NetMovies do it or closes. The situation there is so bad that for months that their commercials are gone from the internet, apparently the company has more press office and to your fan page on Facebook is abandoned. At least the complaints in Claim Here are answered.

Giving up to compete with Netflix makes sense if we consider that it is not easy (and cheap) license productions to mount a respectable collection (even for Netflix, whose Brazilian subsidiary is far from the amount of the American version movies). Moreover, it is necessary to invest in technology to soften the details of the Internet in Brazil. But without investors, there is no capital or for one thing nor the other.

After all, NetMovies still continue offering streaming, but in a much more streamlined way: the idea, according to the company’s new manager, is to serve the public who likes to “arts films.” The statement reminds those unemployed celebrities who say they have new projects in mind; anyway, it costs twist to the current strategy work. It would be a shame to see NetMovies goes south.