Neoprene Diving Hoods

Dive & Sail Dive Hood SpongeNylon Material Lightweight Elastic Black Neoprene Diving Hoods

Here can you see a selection of top quality diving hoods. Diving hoods helps you with to stay warm in cold water.

Is one out and dive, snorkel or on UV-hunting, one can begin to freeze, if you are out for a long time. A neoprene diving hood helps you stay warm in the cold water. It is not only the decompression sickness, there is a health problem for divers, even something as simple as cold and frostbite from the cold water at depths can be a big health problem that can be overcome with caps.

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Here we cover a large selection of all types of products in the boots, caps and gloves, which are all made in smart neoprene materials, which is the preferred material for such diving products. With diving hoods you avoid problems with cold for face and ears, and as a girl, you can simultaneously keep track of the long hair that may be causing discomfort for you as a diver, if it enters the tangle with mask and oxygen supply. Diving hoods are a must for any diving, especially in the colder diving seasons and here get you high quality products at the best possible price. Immerse yourself in the directory above.