Nails of Leather, Suede and Snakeskin Winter Trend

Nails Of Leather, Suede And Snakeskin Trend Fall/Winter

Decorated or artistic nails are at an all-time high. With the arrival of autumn/winter nail decoration follow the thicker fabric, fluffy and warm. So far this season nails are nails, leather suede and nail nails that resemble snake skin.

Are beautiful and easy to make for you bulldoze this season as hot and cozy.

Check out the tips and step by step how to do the nail art of current fashion.

Leather Nail

With matte finish, the nails are inspired by leather leather clothes as used in autumn/winter, see how-to:

After taking the cuticles, a colorless nail base. On the basis of wet, sprinkle glitter colorless and remove the excess dust from the top layer. Paint your nails black matte, matte Brown or the color you want.

Do the cleaning of the normal corners with toothpick and cotton soaked in nail polish remover.

Suede Nail

Get your nail cuticles as usual and colorless base pass. Then pass dark blue enamel in all the nails, clean the corners.

Pass another layer of colorless base, taking care not to smudge and soak then fingers in flocking to stick in the entire nail.

Wipe off excess dust with a brush, clean cuticles and patches.

Snake Skin Nails

Craqueladas or nails that mimics a snakeskin are easy to make, check out:

Do your nails, usually taking the cuticles and passing a layer of gold enamel. Clean the corners as usual.

To the Crackle or snake skin use the finishing top coat Python, Bourjois. When passing a thin layer and only finishing the Crackle effect appears usually when passed over another layer dry.

Clean the corners and ready, you’re going to have a nail that resembles snake skin.

There are three types of nails decorated for the colder days, beautiful and modern.