Nail Polish Trends Ombre

L’shadows nails or manicure degradé is not an absolute novelty in the field of nail art but for spring-summer 2012 has become a real fashion nails.

After the craze at the Accent nail last summer that changed the color of the nail of the ring, the manicure shadows want your nails in 5 different colors but all in the same color family, prtendo from the nail of the little finger to the thumb apply the colored glazes chosen from the lightest to the darkest, or vice versa.

Simple and absolutely effect the ‘nails shadows is becoming a fashion craze among the beauty addicted and Hollywood stars such as the reality show actress Lauren Conrad that lately has been spotted with a fun manicure shadows in shades of blue.

To realize the ‘nails shadows you need to have the enamels of five shades of the same color or you can use a single dark nail polish and shadow them through a few drops of white enamel so as to obtain the various shades. It is important that the chosen enamels are all the same brand so as to achieve the same finish on all nails.

Here ehealthfacts presents some examples of nails shadows.

Finally a beautiful nails shadows made ​​with enamel Chanel collection Spring 2012, April, May and June and the Riviera and Orange Fizz glazes, to be really the fashion!

Do you like this new trend ? Have you ever tried the ‘nails shadows?