Myths and Truths about Breasts

One of the many changes that mark the adolescence of a girl is the change in the body, among them, the growth of the breasts. And when they begin to appear beneath the blouse, there are thousands of doubts: how long will they grow? Is it time to put on the bra? To answer the most recurrent questions, we talked with the gynecologist and obstetrician Jose Bento who also gave important tips to make the breasts even more beautiful.

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1) Until What Age Do Breasts Grow?
Until 17 or 18 years of age. Its growth is linked to the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which begin to be produced in adolescence. Even if you menstruate at age 12, your breasts may still continue to grow.

2) Is It Normal To Have One Breast Bigger Than The Other?
Yes. We are asymmetrical beings: we have different fingers, hands and feet from one another. They are alike, but not alike. With the breast is the same thing: a small difference is normal, but if this difference is very large, it is advisable to seek medical treatment.

3) Is It True That Wearing Bra Does Not Make Breasts Saggy?
Yes it’s true. This is due to the fact that there is a ligament in the breasts called the cooper ligament, which holds the breast as if it were a “parachute”, thus supporting the weight of the breast. When you play sports, for example, without a bra, you can break the ligament, causing the breasts to “fall out”.

4) And At Bedtime?
To sleep, it is released to be without the bra, because you are in the horizontal position, therefore it is without the weight of the gravity.

5) How To Avoid Stretch Marks During Breast Growth?
You should moisturize the skin well with products of the market with double hydration, which prevent water loss and moisturize.

6) At What Age Can The Girl Put On Silicone?
The ideal is to wait until the age of 18, because before that the breasts can still develop.

7) The Same Goes For Breast Removal Surgery?
It’s the same case.

8) At What Age Should The Girl Start Taking The Breast Exam With The Gynecologist?
Right after menstruation.

9) Can “Breasts” Be Avoided?
Fallen breasts can be results of two factors: genetic predisposition and wrong habits.If your genetics do not suit you much you should take double caution: wear the bra that is appropriate for the size of your breasts and do not play sports without a bra.

10) Do You Have Any Other Tips For Breast Care?
I think it’s important for the girl not to be lined with the imperfections of the body in general. No one will look at your mom like yourself, but an imperfection is what matters least to the boyfriend. You will continue to be beautiful to her. Do not be creating a breast image that you see in a bra advertisement, as it is not a reference to reality. Imperfections are part of our life, our species!