My Life in Corset

Only on this day, I learned the true history of my corsets training. It was finally time that I should be tied in a really tight corset. I was told that I would have a few pounds too much on the body to be properly laced effectively in a tight corset. It now had excess fat are first trying to get rid of.

Before I could be so tied into the actual new corset, I had as long as necessary to slim down. Given something was used, what the mother, Rubber Maid called ‘.

Mom helped me out of my corset. Meanwhile the corset manufacturer unpacked an incredible gown. The Rubber-Maid ‘looked like a large, made of thick rubber doll. She was stiffened with boning and had lacing on the back, on the legs. And arms Sturdy zippers would obscure the lacing.

Mother and the corset manufacturer dragged me the thick latex skin high on my legs and finally the upper body.They broke the cords on the sleeves only so far that my arms were forced into it. Then they started the lacing again closely to attract. The latex skin was so thick that it yielded little. I felt the pressure on my body are slowly getting stronger. Nevertheless, I felt comfortable in it. They had their trouble me to include it. The laces were finally all tightened and the zippers were closed. Now I was totally helpless and Mama and the corset manufacturers began to pull over my head as a stable latex hood. Only two small holes for my nostrils were incorporated therein, so I got enough air. Otherwise, the hood was completely closed.

Then I felt my corset was allocated. It was so tightly laced that I myself could not imagine so being able to breathe at all.

I must have fainted, because the room when I woke up, was dark. Then it came back to me. I was so trapped in the thick rubber skin, and the eyes were hidden by the latex mask. It was warm, very warm and I began to sweat.Strangely, the feeling of very strong narrowing was not unpleasant. Mom was near, because I could feel her hands which caressed my latex-covered arms and legs. They told me that I was in, Rubber Maid ‘would remain full two days.

a whole week, interrupted by brief moments for cleaning my skin and to was to have a drink from the two days. For my necessities corresponding openings were present in this thick rubber skin. When I was finally liberated again from this narrow case, I missed once this close embrace my body. Mama told me that I should not forget the latex sheath, because as soon as I have a few grams too would weigh again, I would come back into it. However, the moment their use was no longer necessary, since I was now slim enough to carry the new training corset.

As we unpacked it, my mother was even speechless. It ranged from my neck to the knees down. This corset corset many steel bars were incorporated. It looked really scary, but the corset manufacturer said that it accurately have the right shape to form my body accordingly. I should wear it as often as possible so that my ribs would bend so far that I could get a really tight waist. Only then could my day and night corsets can be worn.

Again, it took a long time, during which I had to wear the corset training continuously. There were equal estimated several weeks. Mother told me later that she so clearly came after just four weeks. My waist should be reduced with the help of this training corset to 40 centimeters.

I was literally cemented therein. The corset was absolutely rigid and did not yield at all. I was unable to move almost six weeks myself properly.

The corset manufacturer hinted at some point that it would be time for some variety, so that my muscles would not be too weak. The training corset was therefore replaced me away and quickly by my new day corset. It was somewhat easier and quick to put together. Only for the last 5 centimeters had to be expended more strength. Only then it was closed properly. I measured my proud new waistline. There were only 37 centimeters!

The corset manufacturer said that he had never experienced such a reduction of waist circumference as fast. “These are modern times,” laughed Mama.

I practiced in rooms ladylike walking with heels, which were almost 12 centimeters high. It seemed funny to first, after the long period of immobility. The feeling of my new day corset was completely different than anything I had ever experienced before. I had lost a lot of weight in the rubber sheath. It also agreed that the long wearing of the training corset would give me the right shape. It had shaped my lower ribs inward so I could wear this very tight corset days without any major problems. When I expressed this determination, Mama and the corset manufacturers were very pleased.

Later, when I reread what I had written in my diary, I was only really aware of what unusual process I had been through. But so bad I did not feel it! I can still clearly remember the pain and constant discomfort, my desperate attempts to turn over in bed in a comfortable position, what was impossible! I did not even mention the long leather gloves that I wore. Even in corset stays were incorporated, so that my arms were straight and held immovably. One can not believe almost: This upper arm long gloves were incredibly strapped, even in the hands! So I could not even move his fingers.

Sometimes I wore tight, fingerless gloves with a ring at the top. By this fortified Mama belts and then hung me up so that my hands should remain narrow and small. Oh, and my poor feet: They were often bandaged with wet linen that they were bent vertically downwards. Then Mom took a hot air dryer and dried the wet linen bandages. Thereby the linen pulled together and pressed my feet and toes more together.

Then again, during this training time, and even today, Mama laced me very tightly around the feet and lower legs tight leather tubes together. I thought she wanted to reduce my shoe size to two numbers in this way. One must not forget that my body was still in his Wachstumsfase. Mama said only that she could not allow my body naturally continue to grow. All this was in agony, but somehow managed to Mama always convince myself that the pain is not absolutely necessary, but could also be exciting.

I’ve talked repeatedly with mom about how she had herself endured. Somehow these conversations made everything more bearable to me.

Mama interrupted my thoughts. I had talked to her about the fact that the days corset actually could not be more closely. My stomach was so highly concentrated.

“Just wait until tonight honey. Once we have you applied your night corset, you will notice that there still is even closer.” I was not pleased to hear that. Still, I was curious to try the new corset. There was only a problem that worried me.

“I will then probably never be able to wear jeans, right?”

“By this we thought”, the corset manufacturer said with a smile. “But I’m not sure if they ever really want to wear jeans again, but I had my da think of something. If they want, we can open her corset and soar into this. Then they will see what we exactly mean.”

To my astonishment the corset manufacturers held a corset in the hands, which so stoutly looked exactly like the Current. At the new corset but additional leg envelopes were still being worked. Of course, these tubes with boning were stiffened and each had a separate lacing. This leg tubes ranged up to his knees. I could not wait that special corset to create.

“We need to change but proceed rapidly, because they will feel now without a corset, even for a short time, really uncomfortable.” It was true. My body was now so used to the constant pressure and the postural support that I thought I would fall, as the laces were loosened.

Quick me the new corset was folded and tied, and on the legs. The corset stays ranged front and back over the corset down to the knees. So I had a little less freedom of movement. I could barely move his legs, probably also why, because the leg portions were especially strapped.

“It feels very strange from my knees down to,” I remarked. “Then let’s put you this stretch jeans, and the problem will be resolved quickly,” my mother replied. Both laid me on the bed and caught a really very close and stable stretch jeans. The jeans were so snug that the pants corset loomed. Apparently mother had the trousers changed a bit since the jeans was also at the hips and narrow waist perfectly smooth.

Then they pulled me through a narrow sweater that emphasized my high pressed breasts and narrow waist more than covert. Then mother took a pair of boots with very high heels at hand. These boots were made of thick and hardly pliable leather. Moreover corset stays were incorporated into them. The lacing was rear mounted and was immediately tightened. I assumed that they would be a bit rich to about my knees up. And indeed, it was so! Once the lacing was tightened as tight as possible.

Slowly I realized that most of my body was now tightly constricted. I told this to my Muter, and she replied that they were doing me completely constrict in a corset. I found this idea exciting. After the boots were completely closed, they put me on my high heels and asked me to go on a few steps.

My body was now tied tightly from the shoulders downwards and almost immobile. The leg long corset with its continuous boning in connection with the stiff boots reduced my mobility to a minimum. However, I quickly realized that small steps were still possible. So I trotted happily across the room to the mirror. It was truly an amazing sight. I was overjoyed with joy at the thought of an artificial control and disciplining of my body. It is this strength which exercised the many lacing on my body, my feelings heated. It seemed as if all my sexuality had been compressed to a central point. Every movement of my body sparked shiver of excitement. The picture that I saw in the mirror was fantastic. I could hardly recognize myself. My waist was so narrow. It seemed as if I would break through there. Top it expanded to the large and exquisitely presented breasts. Below are the sensual hips were emphasized even really attractive from the tight jeans.

“Can I ever sit down?” “You can not,” Mom said, “Never.”

The corset maker had during the weeks that I was in the training corset, built a padded frame, which could be tilted.

This part was standing in the corner of the bedroom, and they invited me to a try it. Actually even this part was quite bizarre. Make my high stiletto heels in the holes provided at the bottom of the frame and put six wide rubber belt on my helpless body. Then she tightened the rubber belt and pulled them so tight like it only could. “Thus thou tumble!”

This procedure reminded me to be again completely constricted in a corset at my remark. The feelings of my constricted body which was pressed against the frame, had an entirely new dimension. The corset manufacturers took out other, unknown to me garments. Was it underwear? I can not remember exactly what was even mentioned in this regard.

First they broke the rubber straps over my waist and took off my sweater and bra. They replaced him with another very formidable unit. I had my arms stretched straight, they were the only members of the I could still move freely. Mama took me about a kind of midriff-baring T-shirt made of sturdy leather. Then they pulled me something from the deck to the front to get on my back. Since I was still down strongly linked to the frame from the hips, I could not fall forward over.

Behind the leather part was still open. Were attached to the sides over the full length of lacing eyelets. The heavy and hard leather part weighed heavily on my shoulders. Front, however, on my bosom, the leather was much softer and smoother. There nicely crafted cups were for my breasts. Of course, the whole thing with boning was stiffened. Mama threaded throughout a corset strings and then fastened the new shell by metal clips on a number of metal rings which were attached at the top of the corset. These were not noticed until now.

When everything was fastened tightly, massaged my breasts mother and all highly compressed by the corset meat up into the cups inside. My breasts became larger and more pushed upwards than before. Finally, he stood almost horizontally on the upper body and reached a considerable size. Only now all the laces were completely pulled tight. My upper arms stuck now in the tight leather sleeves, which were also made rigid by boning. I had my arms can hang down and had thus abruptly the last bit of freedom lost. Some kind of metal construction was as incorporated into this shell. Something like that, which is used in orthopedic surgery to stabilize someone.

The corset manufacturer spiraled since around somewhere. Instantly my poor shoulders were increasingly pulled backward. The positive aspect of this treatment covered my breasts. The further my shoulders were pulled back, the more my breasts pressed out. They were literally pressed against the soft leather of the cups until they could be seen in its full glory and very elegant. On the negative side, however, that my shoulder joints made slightly painful noticeable.

The garment was not yet completed. The frame in which I stood had a secret. I noticed that she was again firmly pulled the strap over my waist and my boots were now additionally secured with a chain and downwards. Then they put me a wide strap under the chin and fastened it with other chains somewhere above me. I was now firmly fixed to the frame and could not move my pressed against the support head.

The corset manufacturer operated a hidden switch, and I felt like I reached easily, because the feet were so attached to the frame. Since most of mine was tied almost to immobility, the main expansion was in my throat. They completed it very slowly and carefully. Nevertheless, it did hurt a little.

“Soon it’s over,” tried to calm my mother, when she saw my anxious glances. Then stopped the expansion of my neck and mother put me a neck corset to which propped up on my shoulders and chin held pressed upwards. Then unlaced they so far that the train stopped on my neck, and it was me the wide belt again gently pulling out from under the neck corset. Only then unlaced the neck corset so tight around my neck that the expansion remained.

“I believe that we her neck quiet a bit lengths can,” said the corset manufacturer. They took some distance and looked at me critically. While I, resting ‘, they started my arms completely pack. They put really tight leather gloves on which ranged over the short sleeves of the leather upper part, and put them somewhere above the shoulders, so that they could slide down under any circumstances.

Now I really believed that there was nothing that they could change me. But then came the crowning! Mama asked me to open my mouth. This was of course not so simple, because the neck corset squeezed from below the chin. With difficulty I opened my mouth a small gap. Mother then squeezed soft rubber ball into my mouth. It took a while until the rubber ball in my mouth was. A thick, packed with lined with rubber leather hood was pulled over my gagged mouth and the head and attached to the neck corset. When the lacing this hood has also been tightened, the rubber hood of pressed increasingly against my face and lips slightly parted mouth. I could him yes because of the large rubber ball does not completely close. When Mother was finished, I could not move a single facial muscle more. By small eye openings I saw in a large standing mirror a grandiose appearance.

Suddenly I realized that I was that person and was now constricted completely from head to toe in a corset. A wave of excitement ran through my helpless body and deep inside me exploded an unprecedented orgasm! I was completely overwhelmed by all these impressions and feelings.

The corset manufacturers and Mama smiled knowingly. Finally, when I had calmed down, they pulled the straps and put me on my high heels. Now the feeling of tightness was more powerful. It was all very, very close to me. I could not speak because of the gag and the mask, but if I could, I would have cheered for joy.

Oh yeah! It hurts! It hurt like hell, but all pain was worth it when I saw the finished result in the mirror. Any slight movement I made, and I could only make small movements, brought new feelings of arousal. The corset maker and my mother watched me and preserve much of the opinion that I should take a rest better now. Carefully, she led me to the bed and laid me stiff as I was out. I think I fell asleep very quickly.

When I woke up, they were both still with me in the bedroom. Mama had now used the opportunity to change her corset. “Now is her figure control increasingly strict and I had promised my figure also disciplining more,” she explained. Of course I could not speak, but I admired when I was lying there helpless. What should bring me the future, I would soon learn.

I think to wear my jeans express request, my mother saw in retrospect as a mistake. Above all, they separate a special corset with Greaves had this blank customize. Finally, this special corset was not the Figurtraining conducive. She quickly let this corset change again. The leg tubes were removed and taken to the waist region closely.

So I found myself standing before the mirror again, clothed with the long neck corset and retracted shoulders. My poor body, or should I say fortunately body (?) Was constricted in a tight corset. In addition, I was wearing nylon stockings and tight, high heeled boots. The head mask, I no longer needed to wear. Of course, I wore very tight leather gloves, but these were somewhat different. I could move my arms a bit! This little freedom I had regained, let me be happy and satisfied. Soon I was wearing a tight-fitting dress with a wide belt, which brought my small waist good effect. Mama put me a coat over his shoulders, and we left the house to do some shopping in the city.

As all purchases were done, we took a taxi for the ride home. After all bags and boxes were in the trunk, I had my problems when boarding. The rigorous restrictions of my tightly laced body were a challenge. Mama was amused by my contortions. Finally the taxi inside, I could not sit properly. Mama fared little worse, but somehow we got home.

I thought Mom was worried about me and she hinted that she should maybe solve my laces a bit. I should have probably viewed with horrified eyes, because she quickly improved, implying the need to check my laces whether she had perhaps loosened. That sounded better. I managed to take off my dress yourself so that mother could check the laces.

With two matching tools, a kind of hook, they started from the top and bottom tightened the corset lace through the eyelets. They slowly worked his way up to my waist center. Cautiously the corset was me another piece laced tightly around the body. “Slowly it is unpleasant,” said, and I gasped. “You have determined the corset by more than 2 centimeters laced tighter.” Mother ignored my words and secured the loose laces. Then she let me just stand and took care of the housework. I just could not do anything. Too tight was the corset and I waited very short of breath on the corset manufacturer who wanted to come at eight o’clock in the evening to bring me my new night corset. When I saw it I was speechless. The new night corset was longer and stiffer than my daily corset. I also said that it was still working closely!

My fear was confirmed when he umlegte me and slowly pulled tighter and tighter the corset lace.