Must Have Items for Women’s Wardrobe

Basics are the most important in the closet, because on these garments, we can always rely.Basics suit any occasion.

“The secret of elegance lies in the simplicity.” (Christian Dior)

When buying basics that these are timeless and of good quality. For if you have many years to these loyal companions, because they are simply perfectly combined with modern trends.

Basics are must haves that every woman should have necessarily in the wardrobe. Today I will give you the most important tips which must haves you really need.

The Must Haves of Basics for Women

  • The little “Black”: It is not necessarily black because very fair skinned people is not simply black. A simple elegant cocktail or evening dress rescues so many situations.There are now also available in anthracite, dark blue and dark gray very many “little black dress”.
  • The simple “white” Blouse: A beautiful and well-cut blouse is also practical. It fits to suit, jeans or a skirt. White is not white. When white that it also flatters your skin tone.Among the whites, there is the pure white, the off-white (off-white), the nacre or ivory white and cream white.
  • A noble dark blue jeans. Jeans are quite acceptable and there are now Jeans in so many great colors. Make sure when jeans attention to the correct fit. To learn more about the fit, read Just my Jean counselor in the blog of Skillfully act.
  • Boots not only look for a dress or skirt sexy, but also extend the legs enormously.
  • A good and timeless handbag of high quality: In pockets there are so many different forms and variations. Not every bag and size is also every woman. Look here, please make sure the bag fits your style and type of your size. To a small woman fit not very large bags. Large Women still have a Mini-Bag also not round. I always recommend 3 types of bags: a classic handbag, a business bag and a clutch for the evening. Of course, they can also have a plurality of pockets in different colors. Bags are not only shoes the most beautiful accessories with us women. Please do not buy cheap bags or plagiarism.
  • Noble Pumps: These are a woman’s arms. Pumps are not necessarily very high. There are now many manufacturers also have variants with 3-5cm paragraph. Look here for a good quality and a good fit. Who is rather small or somewhat strong legs, has had better wear pumps with a pointed or square section. If you have more size feet, then I suggest you round tips for the shoes. These are beneficial for you, because they reduce the foot.
  • A well-fitting blazer in your Basic color: For that we simply look always good. It must be the classic business blazer not always necessarily. Also playful shapes with rounded corners at the end look good. Meanwhile, there are also female ladies a good solution with a blazer jacket (combination of jacket and cardigan). Make sure that the material flatters your figure. The material should not wrinkle too. Invest here quietly in a high quality Blazer, because as you turn a long time. If you do not know your basic colors, then treat yourself to a simple color advice .
  • Good Shirts cotton in different colors of your base color palette. In addition to classic white T-shirts so you can freshen up even the suit. Look here for the right segment to have a nice ratio of shoulders, cleavage and neck.
  • Well fitting bras: The fact is that 70% of women wear the wrong bra size. I myself have until 2013 did. Until I was invited by a lingerie manufacturer (Rigby & Peller), but let me once measured. That is a true relief when they wear at once a bra, without realizing that they wear one. Try it out.
  • An elegant cashmere sweater in your Basic color. This provides in combination with the white blouse and blue jeans on many occasions from top.
  • A nice selection of tasty jewels which passtt to you, your style and your landscape socially. My recommendation: “Less is more”. Make sure that you can combine the jewelry with different garments.
  • A noble coat for every season. That might not be a trench coat, because this is not every woman. A simple classic coat just fits to any outfit.

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