Musical Fidelity AMS-50

Since the new musical fidelity amplifier is an house stereo device, you need only a power cord. Ever an argument for the AMS-50 – but at the same moment in which tries to move them, the listening room very little persuasion owns.

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The enormous weight gains emphasis, if the amplifier only shortly before the transport was shut down and the whole metal cubes to make matters worse even boiling hot is: idle, the AMS-50 with 500 Watts burned smooth five times of their 8-ohm power rating. It is thus one of the rare genus of wholly-owned class A amplifier: an extremely high idle current keeps even at full modulation, conducting the two halves of the push-pull amplifier transistors, without ever reach the zero-crossing distortion-rich area. That’s about that man, would raise the idling of his car to avoid jerking at low speeds, until the limiter uses, and continue only with clutch pedal and brake drive.

What is called the car “Refinement”, achieved the amplifier maker through a complete dual mono construction with two symmetrical bridge power amplifiers, which should maximize also noise with their smoother network part load. According to Michaelson is the AMS-50 of the first class-A amp at all in this construction and performance class. Many more will not be probably already therefore it, because the EU bureaucracy of so inefficient, power-hungry consumer electronics has declared war on and is not yet clear whether the Brussels Were crushing the difference between millions of frequent flyers, will understand permanent current TVs and the numbers completely irrelevant high power amplifiers. Who ever wanted to hear class A, should so don’t dawdle.

In the direct Shoot-Out, the metrological point of view clearly weaker musical fidelity was all people superior to its competitors in terms of sound power. Rarely, a power amplifier has brought the dub-reggae bass strongholds of rhythm & sound (“W/the artists’, Indigo) wuchtiger and persuasive in position as the AMS-50. The British woman not in the slightest seemed to interfere – until she is adopted but at really insane levels, but in mild action using clipping and let the real stronger Audionet priority that the boxes, as always a few reference 207/2 Kef, in the bass were quite challenging.

Musical Fidelity AMS-50

Manufacturer Musical Fidelity
Price €9700.00
Rating 125.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions: per B: 48.3 x H: T: 32.5 x 46.0 cm
Weight: 60.0 kg each.
Mono operation
Amplifiers music signal automatic
Level control
Level switch
Level meter
Power amplifiers inputs unbalanced
Power amplifiers inputs balanced
Number of speaker connections 1
Measured values
True sine wave power stereo 8 ohm / 4 ohm 53.0 W / 101.0 W
Music power 8 ohm / 4 ohm 56.0 W / 106.0 W
Damping factor 100 Hz / 10 kHz 0 / 0
Signal to noise ratio 98.0 DB (a)
Standby consumption 14.5 W
Class A stereo amplifier for adults, sounds solid and flexed
Due to class-A technique of high power consumption
Sound RCA 125
Sound XLR 125
Overall sound 125
Processing Very good
Operation Very good
Facilities well
Sound judgment well over 125
tested in issue: 9 / 09