Mountain Biking: Scott Indicates Ideal Biking for Each Type

Hardtail or full suspension? find out which bike model is perfect for every challenge within the mtb.Who pedal knows: there is a bike model for each type of pedal or terrain. According to zipcodesexplorer, in mountain biking, there are segments such as cross country, marathon, ultramarathon and etc. For each of these particularities there is a specific bike model that will offer more comfort and ensure greater performance to the rider.

So which bike to choose? It depends on what you want to face. One must keep in mind what the goal is to find the equipment that best matches the goal of the amateur or professional athlete. To get a base and not get lost, Scott separated some examples of perfect match. See below:

XCO and marathons: Scale is the most indicated. Considered an object of desire for cyclists, the line developed in carbon is famous for its low weight and to have all levels of technology from Scott. As the brand’s lightest hardtail, it is perfect for XCO events and short day marathons.

The models available in Brazil are 900 Premium, 900 RC, 910, 920, 930, 935, 950, 960 and 970 with values ​​starting at R $ 6,990.90.

Curiosity: Your audience is totally divided. According to Scott’s international studies, 50% of cyclists seeking the Scale are enthusiastic or amateur for their renowned fame and quality. The other 50% are experienced athletes or professionals with more knowledge that aim at high performance.

Ultramarathon: Will you face longer pedals? Spark is best suited for being full suspension and having a more detailed reading of the terrain. With it, the cyclist has more comfort than a hardtail.

“This year was my first Brazil Ride with a Spark. It’s amazing how it made a difference.For me she fit in very well at every step. Greater control and comfort made me finish the test much more rested. It’s the perfect bike for me, “analyzes Abraão Azevedo, athlete Scott three time champion of Cape Epic and sixth champion of the Brazil Ride.

Other strengths of Spark bikes are stability, control and traction due to the rear suspension. Those available in Brazil are 900 Premium, 900 RC, 910, 920, 930 and 950 with values ​​starting at R $ 18 thousand.

Curiosity: The 700 RC model was adopted by the current world champion and the world cup, the Swiss Nino Schurter, in most stages of this season.

Tours and cycling: The Aspect line is ideal for those looking for leisure, urban use, group cycling or bike trips. The models are developed in aluminum with input components and geometry that provides comfort for this type of pedal-but with several technological aspects migrated from Scott’s top-of-the-line bikes. This bicycle is perfect for beginners.Aspect is available in Brazil on models 920, 930, 940, 950 and 960 with values ​​starting at R $3,000.