Motorola Moto X

Conclusion: the new version of the Motorola Moto X 2014 due to his unique voice and the AMOLED screen on which draws attention In the test. Otherwise, hard-and software uproot any trees.

The successor of the Moto X by 2013 is significantly larger and looks a little Carl. The case is while still simply decorated, the Motorola sign curved inwards and the thin border around the display, however provide positive optical stimuli. The inner workings of the Moto X (2nd generation) is covered with a water repellent coating. Thus, deserves no IP standard, but can survive without prejudice to rain. Above and below the display are two speakers, which provide no stereo sound. The upper is designed only to make calls, the lower emits music, sounds and everything else. The version of the Moto X 16-Gbyte second-generation turns our test internal memory. Because Motorola abandoned a microSD slot, which is of course far too scarce. A special feature is the Moto maker Dar. With the, you can equip X with back panels made of wood or leather, and customize the colors of the front side and ornaments. While the price soaring of the actually around 400 eurosexpensive device but afloat on 600 euros-high.

Motorola Moto X (2nd Generation): AMOLED Screen And Snapdragon Soc

We can report anything negative about the display of the Moto X. Full HD, 5.2 inches, AMOLED technology: The screen is sharp, color and contrast is very good and is sufficiently brightly illuminated. The stability side looking at could not be better. At the SoC (System on chip) Motorola enters no experiments in contrast to its predecessor, and relies on the quad-core Snapdragon 801. And that is much more powerful than the eight-core constellation of X by 2013. The new Moto X runs smoothly, apps open very quickly. Here at timelesstablets you can get more different models of the fashion phones. The online-standards of the Smartphones are Wi-Fi-ac up to date, and LTE Cat4 facilitate trips on the Web.

Motorola Moto X (2nd Generation): Listen Moto

As usual installed Motorola the current Android 4.4.4 without your own UI. Its unique selling point is the Moto X through the voice control that is simply called “Moto”.You enable a freely definable set. If the Smartphone is located not more than maximum one meter of you, it reacts so either on “Hello Moto”, ‘Hello, Moto X’ or also ‘wake up, wake up, laugh a new dawn”. And that because the X listens even when disabled display, constantly according to its keyword. Once active, Moto offers numerous possibilities. You can call someone, open a WhatsApp message, navigate, or a Google search. The detection works well, commands are implemented promptly. In addition, there are comfort functions. In the local Wi-Fi can announce X caller and read aloud SMS. So, you must not take the Smartphone in hand. In standby mode, it also displays a clock, and if you wipe on the disabled display upward, you get information about any incoming messages. Put the phone in your pocket or lies down on a surface with the display, the screen remains black.

Motorola Moto X (2nd Generation): Acoustic, Battery & Camera

The Moto X sounds good. For telephone conversations, we note clear sound, a noise-free line as well as a sound suppression of background noise. The free speaker is pretty bad. The Moto X made no spectacular maturity in our battery measurements.We call 6:58 hours and surf 7:10 hours. For we are not in order the 13 megapixel camera of the new X. Images get extremely noisy in low light conditions, image details are hard to detect. Even in better light, the Motorola-cam Gets the complete subject not sharp. Only at a minimum ISO with good light agree the details.

Motorola Moto X (2nd Generation): Alternative

The SLIM is the alternative to the Moto X Google nexus 5. Equipped with pure Android of the newest version costs only around the 32-GByte version of the nexus 395 euro. The camera of the nexus is a little better, and the display is brighter. The battery of the Google Smartphone is the new Moto X also superior, which is also due to the significantly shorter charge time.