Mother’s Day Special: Looks for Pregnant Women

And ending the week of our special mothers day, nothing better than to bring super useful tips for the pregnant woman. Many pregnant women undergo a drop in self-esteem because of the bumps, blemishes and discomfort that tend to appear, but we can reverse this situation with a lot of style. Yes, pregnant women can wear clothes in addition to leggings, coats and long dresses from
Tips of Rê and of Juan: bet on t-shirts with overlay, dresses more loose, marked (with belt or sash) just above the top of the stomach are also very welcome – the important thing is not to lose the attitude. Thes tricôs are a great option too, as well as comfortable stretch enough without disturbing the belly. Oh, and you don’t have to wear sneakers, okay? Yet we’re not mothers, and we have no idea whether to bad use jump, but that is much nicer a pregnant woman with high heels, stretches the silhouette. Of course it is not to use all the time, but on a special occasion, is more elegant and charming.

It takes a little bossa to assemble creative looks at this time, but I’m sure you can! And inspiration never hurts, nothing better than super stylish pregnant to get that excited in your astral in time to get dressed!

And then, gravidinhas? Many inspirations for you? I hope you enjoyed the post, and have a happy mother’s day! We will try to address the issue more often here, since we have received many requests, ok? Including this theme “pregnancy” is already beginning to be recurring in my life, because after we place it seems that everyone resolves to ask when it comes the first baby! haha But don’t come now! However, we can discuss matters of this world, what do you think?