Moncler Mens Collection Fall Winter

The argyle is the dominant pattern of the collection Moncler fall/winter 2014-2015. Presented during the Milan fashion week, line Gamme Bleu has defined colors and trends that will be the master during the upcoming season. Men and women will love the British style diamonds, which are interwoven on sweaters, coats and jackets, out of short trousers, socks, shoes and accessories.

A foretaste came during the menswear fashion Moncler last winter. Now the argyle pattern is quite bossy and is repeated on any creation of clothing, and more. The diamond-shaped pattern, from the outset, is characterized by a unique base and two contrasting colors. Geometric shapes are repeated to perfection, creating british flavor look. MONCLER has enhanced this shape to excess, proposing it even on garments not printed; just look at the quilted short jackets with seams that pick up the diamonds.

The contrasts between the shades are not at all obvious. If on one hand we find the elegant charm of Red and blue, which refer to golf competitions, and on the other we encounter in pastel shades, delicate and unusual, considering that the collection was made for the winter season.

Pink and green lawn, in fact, dominated for much of Moncler Gamme Bleu, despite the strong presence of various shades of gray, light and dark. The company’s fabrics are complemented with agility and skill. Also in this case the looks are created by combining different materials, suggesting, in this way, a style of dressing all over again.

Staged during fashion week men, Moncler has also staged a series of garments designed for women. The jacquard weft will be a must for any woman’s wardrobe, which will grow with voluminous dresses from the built forms with rigid materials. There are also important for her pencil skirts and long, tufted and impressive, accompanied by mini cardigan and off white leather accessories, like balloon bags and leather gloves. In addition, the brand also made jacket – pants outfits designed to go to University according to Thefreegeography (in fact i look on the catwalk are accompanied by school books).

All the latest propositions Moncler Gamme Bleu autumn/winter 2014-2015, presented during the Milan fashion week for men, you can watch them by browsing the images collected in our gallery: let yourself be enchanted by the English spirit of argyle.