Mini Flashlight Can Be Controlled By Cell Phone And Adapts The Action Cameras

The Life Lite is a portable and customizable Pocket Illuminator, which is also compatible with any mobile device such as phones, tablets, DSLR cameras and to cameras.

The appliance is watertight and can be controlled by means of an application that regulates the intensity and allows the use also as external flash for photos.

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The peripheral hit the goal of fundraising on Kickstarter and the delivery date is scheduled to start in March 2017. The Life Lite is priced at $ $39 (about $125 in current Exchange R, without taxes), with shipping to Brazil by the value of $ $25 (£ $80).

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The accessory measures about 2.5 x 3.8 cm, weighing approximately 50 grams, with material water resistant up to 10 meters deep and Bluetooth connection. The light is provided by LED lamps with maximum intensity of 1000 lumens.

The energy is supplied by a lithium battery with ability to use up to 30 minutes in total capacity, rechargeable through a micro USB cable. The recharge time varies between 30 and 40 minutes.

The lamp has 10 manual brightness adjustments, which can be edited through the application. This allows it to work not only as a lantern, and can be used as an external flash to take pictures and videos, which ensures that the desired points are illuminated correctly.

The Life Lite can be used with tripods or accessories for cameras, allowing it to be used with other equipment. The peripheral page on Kickstarter offers several options for accessories such as carriers for bicycles, smartphones and adapters for GoPro cameras.

Via Kickstarter

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