Microsoft Office: FÜRs iPad Rather Than for Windows 8?

The new Microsoft Office to appear in the course of the year 2014 for touch-based devices – for Windows 8 as well as for the iPad. Microsoft expert and industry insider Mary Jo Foley according to the Apple community even more benefit from the new software could. Office should come namely for the iPad on the market, when the development is complete. This could be the case in the first half of the year.

Microsoft Executives Have Changed Their Mind

While it’s still not fixed in the last year, whether Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for Apple’s iPad should be made available, the launch could be done now actually sooner than for Windows 8. As business Insider reported, the Microsoft executives would have changed her mind to Office for the iPad, which is developed under the internal name “Miramar”, towards the end of last year. “If we do something for the iPad, then it becomes a first class application”, cited the portal, Microsoft’s Vice President John case from

It was but especially ex-CEO Steve Ballmer, who wanted to prevent the launch of Office for the iPad to protect Windows. But just this betrayed industry insider Mary Jo Foler released the software for the iPad, as soon as it is ready. Even if that means that Office for Windows 8 would be available later.

The First Version of Excel Also First Ran on A Mac

With the advantages of the iPad, Microsoft would repeat a piece of history. Since the very first version of Excel not ran Microsoft’s Windows first on a Mac, because Apple already had a graphical user interface for its OS, however, still.