Michael Kors Watches Models

Michael Kors Watches–Templates and where to buy

The watches have been one of the most used accessories by women nowadays. With this, some brands have been detaching, due to their models that have fallen into the feminine taste. Among these brands is Michael Kors, sales leader and dream of consumption of any it girl.

Here at rrrjewelry, there are several models of Michael Kors watches, among them the most famous are the copies of pearl with gold metal and shiny details, which occupy the place of the numbers representing the hours. The bracelets composed by several pieces are the most requested. Some models have the bracelets fully made of the same material, others possess the metal interior and the borders of pearl or printed acrylic of leopard, and vice versa.

For those who prefer something more discreet, the single-color or bi-colored metal models also make a lot of success. The traditional golden is one of the favorites of women who desire luxurious accessories. Already, which prefers a more discreet model, however with the same degree of beauty and elegance, smooth silver metals are great.
You can also bet on a silvery model with the inside of the bracelet and details in gold. Now, if you want a luxurious and really differentiated watch, bet on models in metal-type gold rose, a super trend.
Check out more information about the Michael Kors models on the official site of the brand, see the catalogs and check out the online purchases.