Men’s Jackets

After a few years when the Blazers dominated the winter arrives in time for men’s jackets appear as the moment for those who want to be well-dressed and gotten. The trucker jacket in denim won the spotlight this year, but there are still other classic models that can fall like a glove in your wardrobe, everything will depend on your style or your versatility.
1-Trucker Jacket
Is the most traditional denim jacket that comes with force this winter. Here at fashionissupreme you can get more different models of the fashion jackets. Levi’s is responsible for the first model dating from 1905. Is almost mandatory for man and goes well with casual clothes in the fall or winter. To work opt for a black jeans with a shirt for a clean and professional look.

2-Bomber Jacket or Aviator Jacket
For a long time been part of u.s. Army uniform, traditionally made of leather with his fists and the waistband of fabric, usually wool, and two front pockets to put your hands. Today can be found in gabardine, Twill, polyester and even nylon. Goes well with chino pants and adding a boot can yield a good look with military-inspired.

3-Varsity Jacket, Baseball Jacket or jacket high school
Became famous thanks to high school kids and American baseball players. The most often has its sleeves paste colour and different material of the back, cuffs and waistband with elastic bands, featuring pockets for your hands in some versions or completely smooth in most models clear the body. Makes a pretty young and relaxed atmosphere, combining well with basic jeans and sneakers All Star style.

4 – Perfecto Jacket
The most classic leather jackets was created by Schott in New York and has won since generations, especially those bikers who found in her the perfect companion for your travels. Its most unique feature is the cross lock by zipper and push buttons at strategic points. Makes a good rocker look with black pants and a t-shirt, but more modern models made of leather denim, for example, allow combinations more aligned and make the shape more lean.

5-Biker Jacket
Most people would call “the perfecto de biker, but we prefer name so the leather jacket without lapel, who mostly have their shoulders and elbows marked by increasing durability and protects in case of a fall. This type of play is great with jeans well worn, heavy boots and Turtleneck shirts bald, preferably black.

6-Padded Jacket or ski Jacket
The jacket called the Americans “padded” is the greatest weapon against the cold. Inside lined is able to keep anyone warm in the coldest of cernários, it is no coincidence that their versions “anabolizadas” are used in the Arctic. The models vary, but the most traditional are quite simple, with only two front pockets. Are used with any kind of pants, but the jeans and chinos contribute to the casual style of play. Under sweaters, sweatshirts or go long sleeve shirts, and if the press really, don’t rule out fri the scarf and the heavy work boots.

7-Sport Jacket
Minimalist, this jacket can have handles of wool or simpler versions, not features few pockets and usually has a trim dry. Gabardine, wool, cotton or Twill are some of the fabrics used to your clothing, turning the play into a good choice for casual work, accompanied by a shoe not too staid and tailoring trousers, chino, denim or jeans.

8-windbreaker Jacket
As well as the coat is made of materials such as nylon, polyester or tactel. Its light weight makes it ideal for physical exercise in Demi-season when the need is only to avoid the cold wind. As there is not much volume, having one of these in the bag or backpack is a good idea to avoid being caught off guard on days when weather changes suddenly.

9 – Parka
I consider a parka jacket (read more about it here) due to your length reaches the end of the hip, but there are shorter versions called “cropped parka”, they are very interesting for anyone looking for a visual with touches of “outerwear” , that is, that you will explore nature, and if you join a Plaid Shirt, blue jeans and a hiking boot (those thick soled boots, to face all the land) the look is complete.

10-hooded sweatshirt jacket
Is the most pop and accessible of the jackets! Comfortable and practical, she is the choice of teenagers and it’s great to be home, but with the right production can yield a combination for a stroll at the Mall or a relaxed exit with friends, just override the piece with a coat more aligned or even a leather jacket Choose a nice shirt, combine with a stone or a jeans denim pants and complement with leather or canvas sneakers.