Men’s Fashion Bag

Hello Barlings!The first style post of the year is dedicated to men’s fashion. The subject of today is the men’s bag. Accessory that is no longer the privilege of women.

Men’s fashion has been reinventing itself with the globalization movement, and especially with the equality of the sexes in (almost) all the senses. In addition, technological developments, especially in the area of ​​telecommunications and information technology, make us carry more”junk”than usual. The bag is no longer a typical female accessory and has been used by men, since they do not carry more, just the wallet, but also ipad, ipod, notebook, some items of personal hygiene and beauty, as well as documents and papers.

Seeing stylish men wearing beautiful men’s leather purses, canvas and other materials is already common in many countries. In Brazil, the use of the men’s bag is not yet widespread via baglib, but I think it is only a matter of time for our Brazilians to realize that the day-to-day backpack has become an option only for sportswear. (I find horrible man in a suit and tie with backpack on his back!)

The men’s bag can be used with any type of look or costume from the sport to the full ride, everything will depend on the model and the material of it. Canvas, nylon and fabric handbags are more casual. Leather ones are semi-formal. The well-structured briefcase or briefcase models are formal and accompany businessmen at the highest echelons of their companies.

The easiest-to-use male bag model is the leather postman. But, there are several options in the market (here) according to the user’s need like bowling type, camera bag and even the handbag. (I remember too much from my dad wearing a handbag in the late’70s. It was super ordinary.)

I think the men’s bag is a necessary charm for modern man. And you, what do you think of this men’s fashion? Leave your opinion in the comments.