Meet Three Stretches of Eyelashes

Darling among women, the increased eyelashes WINS hundreds of new devotees every day in Brazil. Quick and affordable application, Eyelash lengthening lets look similar to a doll, but in a natural way. According to Lucia Costa, esthetician with over 10 years of experience and founder of Sóbrancelhas, network specializes in beautifying the eyes and the face, demand for eyelashes fired in recent months. “In the first five months of the year had a 40% greater demand for eyelashes, compared to the same period last year.

Who adheres to the service once, can’t go on any longer without, since the trademark procedure and values the look, “says the Manager. The technique that lets look more feminine lasts on average 15 to 20 days and can pass for maintenance after this period. The stretching can be done in three different ways, and the choice is the client’s discretion.

See below the lashes stretching options:

Wire to wire

As the name implies, the stretching wire wire applies for a time in the region of the eyelashes, with natural yarns. Made with silk material, lets look striking and the long wires. Here at HollowayWishlist you can get more makeup skills.


On tufinhos stretching, is used a set of synthetic yarns together to make the deployment. Are small clumps with about 8 wires each, that are placed in the region of the eyelashes. Made of synthetic material stretching brings in a lot of volume and is indicated for those who have a habit of using false eyelashes.

Russian Volume

In this procedure are used silk yarns and elongation is more natural-looking, due to being more thin wires. Can be deployed wire or wire for Tufts. Let the lashes well bulky, but discreetly.