Measure Women’s Breasts

It’s a funny doctor with a strange hobby: for fifteen years, it measures women’s breasts. Their request not to wear a bra, and performs scholarly measurements to determine the contribution or not the accessory lace or silk.

Jean-Denis Rouillon, doctor at the Besançon Hospital and professor at the University of Franche-Comté conducted its survey of 320 women to examine the evolution of a breast without a bra.

Surprise: a group of fifty women 18 to 35 years, the nipple “back on average of 7 millimeters a year over the shoulder”; and this is not all, our good doctor also noted that “firm up breasts and stretch marks fade”. As for the “patients” (very patient!), they note, according to him always “an improvement in breathing and comfort, most only support more bra”.

For him, the explanation is simple: “If a woman puts a bra from the appearance of her breasts, the suspensory apparatus [located on the upper body] does not work correctly and suspension tissue distend “.

Well, do not take the foot of the ramp this “study” of limited scope (remember, only 350 women and young people as well); Moreover, Dr. Rouillon recommend himself to women “45, overweight, and mother of three children,” to burn their bras. The MLF and its unbridled demonstrations are decidedly far …

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