McIntosh MXA60 AC

The name McIntosh is synonymous with many HiFi fans for striking, powerful cars.

For massive Mono blocks such as the legendary 2KW with sheer unbridled power and uncompromising martia Lance – either you have enough space and sovereignty (and money) for these amplifiers, or leaving the finger rather immediately thereof.

What however now fits on the occasion of the 60th birthday which is to admire American Hi-Fi brand new at dealerships, completely into the housing a single 2KW-Blocks, contains but a stereo amplifier with tube preamp and CD/SACD player. Including matching boxes. And it does feel a little as even Mrs. McIntosh had cuddly design to have a say. The MXA 60 AC is the first compact complete system at all from the House of McIntosh. It is a gift to the fans, a tribute to 60 years of McIntosh history – and possibly also the foray into new markets. One not – she’s a nice toy but definitely. Of the familiar construct in steel and black glass, effective placed tube, blue-beleuchteten voltmeters serious Hi-Fi equipment waiting for their usage.

Not a toy

At the CD/SACD player it could fall back used drive with die-cast housing and refined, elegant Purring charger on the experience of the Denon developers from the joint holding company and that in the universal reference player DVD-A1UD . The cooperation with Japanese colleagues is anyway not a disadvantage; a few companies are working on the optimal design of the player so game and successfully.

The structure of the amplifier unit, piggy-back sitting on the player, is again pure McIntosh philosophy. A Hybrid pre-amplifier takes care of the first processing of signals and switches to a bass management if necessary. The Setup allows to define whether the system with your own speakers is operated, this may support received by an active subwoofer, or even large speaker systems for the listener. Where the latter will be hardly necessary. the McIntosh amp when choosing boxes is pretty picky, on the other hand the accompanying Speakerpärchen is not only optically excellent matched to the system.

Shattering level messy you can not elicit the small speakers though, but surprisingly adult bass always. It should really really rumble or will you simply sweaty bass work save the boxes, after all, still the alternative with active sub of choice is. Then the main speaker served up only filtered frequency food from 80 Hertz.

Dangerous for box or hearing it will be or never, before the multi-stage safety system intervenes and provides distortion-free de-escalation.

So small and already McIntosh

The MXA60 is so not a party animal, but also not a shallow bedroom entertainer or even Nice separate room gimmick, but rather an audiophile tuned system. Neither places much value on to swanky bass still on sensationalism, but is just that scene, what constitutes music. Not only, but especially with SACD: for example with the Islandsmoen Requiem or Bellezza Crudel by Vivaldi (both 2 L) was able to conjure them an impressive spatial imaging, guitar strings, voices and piano attacks sparked not only from the boxes, but also sparkling life breathed into them, gave them expression and supple elegance. The longer you listened to her, the spell was the greater and the more powerful the conditioning worked despite its small dimensions.


Are approximately 8000 euros for a compact system not something crazy? Probably. If you-than equivalent but receives a complete chain of McIntosh including quality and sound, it pays for itself quite different. Two unquestionably the MXA 60 is Primary something for MC fans – but also for all those luxury looking for the unusual with something and appreciate.