Maxi Models Fur Coats

Models of overcoats for winter-women’s fashion.

The casacões are essential parts in the winter, especially for those who live in towns where the cold is usually quite intense, as in the southern region of Brazil.There are several types of models, but preferred to stand the climate with extremely low temperatures are the coats that protect more the body. Check some models:

Trench coat-this is one of the most classic fashion jackets. He is also popularly called “trench coat”. The trench coat in is usually made of a waterproof fabric, that is, which does not allow water passes from the outside in, do not wet the coat. He usually has a little above the knees for women. Looks great in beige fabric with black buttons.

Wool Overcoat-this is more of a traditional model and which is also common in the female wardrobe, as in the male. For women, they can be different colors, but the most basic of them indispensable and is black. They are great because they heat the body and let the look super stylish. Combine with boots and scarves to protect the neck.

Cardigan-the Cardigan is the famous coat of Grandma, that all in knitting with buttoning in front. Only now he is no longer part of the Cabinet ladies only, but also of young women. They are great for average temperatures, but can also be used under heavier jackets. The length can vary, but the longer generally cover the hip.