Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy changes the whole of life, they say. That’s true, but the changes will not only daily life but also the night. A pregnant woman to a good night’s sleep, the needs are constantly changing. Not only in the last third of pregnancy, but generally from the beginning, which is more difficult with increasing abdominal girth is natural, relaxed and restful sleep. As you make your bed so lie in it, says another idiom. Even though this saying can symbolically represent many areas, it shall take but in relation to a pregnancy completely, because the quality of sleep depends not only on themattress, but also of the pillow.

Maternity Pillow

By Motherhood Nursing pillow the night can come. This is true not only for pregnant women, but for all those who prefer to sleep on your side. The wonderful comfort of the special pad based on the shape of Motherhood, it is modeled on an elongated “C”.

What are the Benefits Promised by the Motherhood Pregnancy Pillow?

A big advantage of the so-called “Nursing cushion” is certainly its versatility . Pregnant happy about a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep and nursing mothers have a valuable aid in the form of the pillow. Also called comfort zone for the infant the Motherhood is ideal. Generally the pad convincing in the role of side sleeper pillow – even without baby bump. How many people bother with back problems and easily find any comfortable position. With such a cushion as the Motherhood pregnancy pillow one isback-friendly attitude encouraged and supported.

The reason for this comfort is in addition to the materials used, the elongated shape with two curved ends-similar to the letter “C”. The Motherhood pregnancy pillow is extremely high high quality finish, which can be seen at first glance. The cover is made ​​100prozentiger cotton and can be washed in the washing machine. He has been tested according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. When filling is fiberballs (Lentex ball), with hypoallergenic points characteristics.

Those were the facts, but the best material is useless if the comfort is not true. That is the beauty of the Motherhood: pregnant or non-pregnant, the pad provides a perfect solution forside sleepers on. It is high quality and comfortable – ergo an ideal combination, based on the pillars of intelligent flexibility.

Why is this Motherhood Pregnancy Pillow so Comfortable?

Imagine in a lateral position. Her head rests on the upper half of the elongated pad.Between your two knees jammed the lower end, and the arc of the “C” wrapped gently and smooth your back. Sounds fantastic? Is it, that’s for sure. Of course, you can put the pillow before your body, so you stabilize your legs, your hips and arms.

The positive aspects of Motherhood pad to the point

  • The cover and the inner shell can be washed at 60 degrees.
  • Although it is called the pregnancy pillow, it is suitable for all side sleepers.
  • High-quality processing of the entire cushion.
  • Outstanding quality of materials used (in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100)
  • No blocking of the inner life (Lentex ball fiberballs)

The Motherhood Pregnancy Pillow In Detail


The convenience and the cuddle factor are undoubtedly awesome. The reasons lie in the “C” shape of the pad justified and the processed material. This perfect blend conjures up from the pillow is an effective means to the pleasant and relaxed sleep through night , with pregnancy belly or side sleepers. Who sleeps on the side, back pain has or is looking forward to adolescent offspring learns the Motherhood Nursing pillow a real help. On the couch, in bed when sleeping pillow, nursing pillow as when cookies for the infant-you will be convinced.


The manufacturer attaches great importance to sound and high-standard quality. This is reflected both in excellence of the cover and on the inside. The cushion is a total easy care and durable. The processing leaves nothing to be desired-the thumb can be stretched justifiably up in terms of processing and quality.

The price in relation to the product

The Motherhood pregnancy pillow is worth it, because it believes in all the necessary points, starting with the quality up to the comfort and care properties.The special pad makes for a pleasant sensation of lying, it supports and can but enough “Kuschel Liberty”-not of course in a side sleeper pillow.

And what about the disadvantages?

Where there is light, there’s also known shade. But when it comes to motherhood pregnancy pillow is, there always seems to point 12 to be PM-and thus no shade is present. Of course, a last period of time until your body gets used to the unfamiliar pillow, but this is a disadvantage? Rather not.


The Motherhood pregnancy pillow is both for pregnant women and for side sleepers a proven solution to find restful sleep. The shape that is reminiscent of an elongated “C”, the cushion fits perfectly to the body, stabilized him and gives him support. It is nevertheless flexible and conformable. The filling consists of high-quality fiber balls that does not clump together and relieve the spine noticeably. Thus, the Motherhood pregnancy pillow an ideal solution for all your side-with or without a baby bump.

Finally, there are three things about the Motherhood pregnancy pillow to say:

  1. It is comfortable.
  2. It is incredibly convenient.
  3. It is so convenient that it will be difficult in the future to leave, pregnant or not the bed.