Makeup for Tired Looking Eyes

You have the small hours? We explain how to erase the signs of lack of rest in a few moves.

Having a fresh and rested appearance is important for all women.

Research conducted last January in England has even shown that women concerned about the tired and worn skin are more numerous than those who crucciano for weight.

Do, however small hours, it happens to all: it’s for love, for a newborn child, for some thought that there is no rest or simply for a prolonged evening a little ‘more than usual, the result does not change.

In the morning the mirror reminds us of a tired face, the improbable hair, eyes swollen and red, and a gray and dull skin.

No fear! Erase signs of fatigue is possible, only it takes ten minutes.

Prepare the stopwatch, follow our simple steps and be surprised how many will say, “Today you look great!”.

Skin like new in a minute and a half!

The few hours of sleep have left their mark: the skin looks dull, atonic, grayish and imperfections seem quadrupled.

If there are no make-up the night before (bad! You know that makes aging skin? ), Do it: then rinse your face with cool water and pass a tonic that minimizes pores.

Abandoned the idea of ​​cover you immediately with an industrial layer of foundation: you would not do nothing but worsen the situation and point out the symptoms of fatigue.

Prepare the skin to make-up with an energizing cream, maybe smooth and illuminating pigments. The signs of fatigue appear less immediately obvious.

Eyes on top in a minute!

Swelling of the eyelids and under the eyes is solved by beautypically with applying a soothing eye contour with a light massage.

Gently pat the product starting from the nose and going towards the outside. Keep the eye area in the fridge can be an idea more: the cold fact helps to relieve congestion … and wake up!

If your eyes are bloodshot, idratateli with a refreshing eye drops, maybe also stored in the refrigerator: the new formulas with hyaluronic acid are effective in a short time.

They are found in pharmacies, also in gel consistency.

If this were not enough, we just have to wait until the point across that promises us Strateris , the new beauty scotch against wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

healthy color in two minutes!

For a fresh look, use a liquid foundation or BB cream.

Apply the product starting from the nose, the chin and the center of the forehead and blend outwards using a sponge, a brush or just your fingers.

Do not overdo the quantity and unused products to matte effect: a light and illuminating product helps to reflect light and minimize the signs of fatigue.

Cover dark circles and imperfections (dark circles, pimples, spots) with a concealer cream, sfumandolo well with your fingertips. Avoid powder and earth.

Eye makeup in two minutes!

Avoid too dark colors would only highlight any dark circles or puffiness.

Better to give preference to earth tones avoiding excessive shadows.

The eyeliner can help raise an eyelid swollen: you can also exaggerate a bit ‘in the thickness of the line to the outer corner.

You will have undergone a cat’s eyes and no one will notice that you would just want to snoring on the couch! Abound with mascara only on the upper lashes: the eyes will seem once more rested.

For the same reason, no rhyme dark pencil at the bottom: a maximum give her butter-colored light with a kohl.

The makeup artist also recommend a touch of illuminating product in the center of the eyelid or below the outer corner of the eyebrow arch: it has the same effect of a facelift without scalpel.

most beautiful cheeks with pink in a minute!

Illuminated cheeks with a blush pink: in shades of peach will give you suffered a ladylike look, while the fuchsia will make you look healthy and rested.

Privileged textures in cream: are brighter and can also be used as a gloss on the lips.

Just pass a layer of cocoa butter moisturizing and plumping and put a pink touch to the center of the mouth.

Ok hair in two minutes!

The hair is disheveled and fold is only a distant memory?

Do not worry: if your hair time to rewash there because you slept until the last, rely on scented water without alcohol or a spray polish.

Then gather your hair into a side soft tail, if you have them long: the low harvest diverts attention from her face and harmonize the features.

Avoid collected too tight or if you have short hair, sculpted styles: create volume helps to hide the signs of fatigue.

Scented and energetic in 30 seconds!

Do not forget the smell!

Privileged fragrances made from citrus, green tea, flowers: have an energizing power!

Avoid too sweet aromas, which induce relaxation.

Tucked into a bag of rosemary bottle of essence: a few drops on your wrists at times when the eyelids are heavy helps to regain energy and concentration.

Finally, bring the spa water spray to spray on your face during the day and do not forget your water bottle: drink a lot helps the body work better and eliminate waste and toxins produced by lack of sleep.