Makeup for Special Occasions

Make Joker for important occasions – step by step.

Whenever there is a major commitment, a special occasion, most women care about the clothes you’re wearing, the hairstyle and makeup, you need to be in harmony with it. Not to miss is never good to always have a make Joker, one who is great with any type of occasion. I still don’t know how to make one? Check out, so that step by step:

When we talk about Joker makeup we want something that is useful for a variety of occasions via And a kind of make that has all of this functionality is the esfumadinho eye with Brown and nude. With this type of shade you can use various shades of lipstick and go out during the day as at night.

For starters, Let’s prepare the skin based and correcting concealer dark circles under the eyes. Then apply face powder all over your face to remove the extra shine. Then, with a bronzing powder let’s set below the cheekbones. If you want you can apply also a blush pulled the coral, giving a healthy appearance to the face.

In their eyes we’re going to start applying the shadow nude across the eyelid. After, we took a concave brush and we mark all outer corner and this line of concave with a Brown shade. Blow the dark shadow, together with clara. If you want you can make a flush to top lashes outlined with a black or brown pencil. The same can be done in the lower lashes, then vanish with a Brown shade. Finally, apply mascara.

This make is very simple, but great for day and night. It can be used with nude lipstick, Orange, red, pink, Brown, wine, gloss, among other options.