Makeup Color Trends Summer

You love natural makeup or whatever decided, here’s how to have beautiful lips and fashionable.
This spring, the makeup artist there offering all the colors!

We are talking about the lips, of course.

Whatever your style, you are sure you will find what suits you. And then you are ready to review the fashion trends make-up of summer just around the corner?


Also this year the red lips are at the top of the make up artist preferences.

The finishes are shiny for evening or more opaque for the day according to ask4beauty blog.

Of great tendency (and comfortable!) The hue, a sort of marker which allows a perfect makeup for many hours and to be revived only requires a thin layer of transparent gloss.


Come back, magically come out since the 80s, the darker contours of the lips lipstick.

You really want to impress? Use a lip pencil fuchsia, filling even the outer corners, and colored the rest of the lips with a red lipstick.

If the gateway is seen Les Copains.


From fuchsia to bare, pink is suitable for all skin types.

Choose from cold pink undertones to bring out the whiteness of your teeth; but if you want to bring out the first tan, you can rely on to make peach pink shimmer even more with a layer of gloss.


This year, the Orange will be the trend for colored lipsticks .

Despite being hated by many women, it is actually a color that giveth to all: just choose the right shade.

The Orange are good for stronger contrast to the very clear or very dark skin, but if you want to be trendy without exaggerating just a touch of orange gloss to brighten your smile without changing the look.

Two-tone lips

Pink and fuchsia, red and orange, red and purple, shiny and gloss: many make-up artists this year have proposed two-tone lips and not just by painting a different lower and upper lip.

then played to mix the colors you like by creating different points of light.

Or dare a style geisha coloring only the central part of the mouth and leave the rest to nature.

Style dark

We saw it during the winter on the lips of many stars.

The dark lipstick back into fashion: from black to brown (with a few forays into burgundy), this spring the dark lady will find bread for their teeth.

Be careful, though; dark lipstick requires perfect skin, even teeth and lips not too thin.

Otherwise, better to stay on more natural colors.