Magnetic Nail Art Kit Pupa

E ‘arrival as a novelty in the house Pupa, after the much loved Nail Art Kit, here are the Magnetic Nail Art Kit.

It is an exclusive kit consists of a special metallic effect nail polish and two magnets: a magnet allows you to create the effect of horizontal lines and the other creates oblique lines.

These innovative glazes have a unique formula with special metallic particles, attracted by the magnet, creating a spectacular striped look.

Pupa proposes Magnetic Nail Art Ki t in nine versions, with nine metallic and magnetic colors to choose from.

We show you some pictures right away to see the final effect:

Below you can see examples with different colors of nail polish:

1. Shake well to perfectly distribute the metallic particles.
2. Apply Nail Polish nail polish in a single pass.
3. Immediately, immediately after applying the glaze, bring the magnet over the nail at a distance of at least 3mm for about 10 seconds, being careful not to touch the nail enamel.
Eventually magically appears on the nail decoration! Attention, plus the magnet is near the lines will be more defined, more is far more are soft and subtle.

The Magnetic Nail Art Kit of Pupa will be on sale from October 2011 at the price of 9.90 Euro in THENAILMYTHOLOGY.