Magentas Advantage: More Entertainment And Accessibility

As a customer with a Telekom Handyvertrag or fixed line connection you can save with the MagentaEINS advantage not only cash. An attractive combination package awaits you with more accessibility and mobile entertainment. We tell you what you can look forward to with MagentaEINS and how you can benefit from the advantages.

Everything From A Single Source: Telekom Magentaeins

A good connection can be so simple. And this without having to jump between different vendors.Calling, surfing the web, mobile entertainment -with the MagentaOne advantage of the Telekom. If you use or terminate a Telekom mobile phone tariff, you can create a communication package to your taste and look forward to a perfect connection to home and the D-network as well as mobile entertainment on the road. The connection of fixed net, mobile radio and entertainment has never been as easy as with a Telekom tariff and MagentaEINS.

That’s What Awaits You At Magenta

Combining your communication channels under the umbrella of Telekom offers you advantages thanks to MagentaEINS. You can look forward to it:

24 months EntertainTV for mobile TV

Flatrate in all mobile networks from the fixed net out

Discount on your monthly mobile phone bill

You are flexible in communication, phone calls at home and on the road by flat rate and you can see mobile phones. In addition, you pay less for the combined contracts. And the month after month.

So You Can Take Advantage Of The Magentaon Advantage

Do not miss the Telekom MagentaEINS advantage. It is very easy to compile your desired package and surf mobile with fast LTE Max and watch your favorite series while you are on the phone without any extra charges from the landline to all mobile networks. Talks with friends may also take longer.

Telekom Magenta Tariff And Fixed Network Connection

As a customer with a MagentaMobil tariff, you can secure the MagentaMax advantage by combining your mobile contract with a MagentaZuhause Festnetz offer from the Telekom. As soon as you use both contracts, you are entitled to claim the benefit of Magenta. The offer is aimed at both existing customers and new customers who are interested in the Kombipaket.

Datentarife, Combi and Family Cards, For Friends offers and Businesstarife of the Telekom are excluded from the MagentaEINS advantage.