Lure Tip: Px Of 45f From Ecogear-‘ Secret Shrimp “

The PX 45F is perhaps the most underrated Arts bait on the German market.The plastic prawn from Ecogear captures everything – and that just on the surface! Mathias Brauch has tested this insider tip for you and caught 13 different species thereby.

Ask me after my favorite bait of 2010, so I won’t have to think about. Many would call the bait, which brought them the biggest fish. Others would call the bait caught most of them. I opt for the perhaps most exciting lures of the last year best conscience. You never know with him, what the next roll will bring. The Ecogear PX is 45.

At first glance, he looks like a floating small cigar with two rubber tentacles which after the throw-in unnaturally vertically in the water and you want to imitate a small shrimp. With us, certainly no shrimp occur in many waters. Nevertheless, I could outsmart fish with the Ecogear PX 45 in many water systems fished by me-and no less than 13 species in total!

The small surface lures on a larger River began its triumphal March with little flow. On the first roll behind a bridge abutment, followed on a small inconspicuous Strudel and a simultaneous right off the bat drill an exciting 7-gram rod from my friend and ESOX employees Gunnar Schade.

Complete ASP

We both had no idea what had sipped a the Ecogear. Drill after a few minutes the nets could wrap an ASP of almost 80 centimeters. The bait was been sipped completely and it was almost like a miracle that the little triplets the drill without prejudice to had survived.

We knew our ASP otherwise only boisterous and brutal on the surface, so we were surprised as discreet and unobtrusive the small Ecogear lures from the surface had been taken. Several litters with our standard ASP baits had previously no bites. Only these small shrimp was geschmatzt with relish from the surface film. And shrimp guarantees do not occur in the river!

A few weeks later I visited a friend at a smaller River. On the question of what awaits us there, he answered, I should hire me on a variety of different species of fish. In the summertime, we waded across the river. Everywhere were rings of rising fish. Probably a haven for fly fishing and a challenge for Hardbaitangler.

The plastic shrimp came with me to the usage. Amazingly far let her throw himself on the 0,20er fluorocarbon. While the left hand carries the cord evenly, the rod moves in with the right hand rhythmically. The bait is running in a fishing-“walking the dog” – action zigzags across the surface. A running style, quickly found favor in our fish. It splashed shortly behind the bait, and a medium-sized bass tried again to get rid of the drilling by shaking. Since that did not manage it, I was able to present him the camera a short time later.

A similar attack occurred on the next roll, except that then hung a Roach on the hook. At only 100 meters River’s were different species of fish, which found favor on the small shrimp at the end 8 (!).The PX this provoked attacks during his run on the surface, but also in small pauses and stops.Probably there will be micro vibrations that make everything else appear as a dead and uninteresting the bait.

Bites in The Sensor

Fishing on sight you could quickly realize that especially our supposedly peaceful predator sometimes only in the biting tentacles. By truncating this rubber ends to avoid such incorrect bites.

At the end of the summer, the Ecogear in Spain got its usage on Smallmouth. Subtropical 40 degrees Celsius the small and medium-sized Smallmouth could not long resist him. Also, the much-feared learning effect in the perch seemed not as fast to use. His game on the surface was too tempting.

In the winter of this year, he got a chance to prove himself again. A well-known sea trout spot he was taken in the best manner and it was not long until I could actually have a trailing axle. The sea trout under floated the bait and turn it up before my feet then led. Some litters was then in turn later Gunnar, who had a back-up before the feet. Its sea trout under floated the bait and tried to grab him, times where she got him shortly before the end. The short-distance-drill with a number of partner Gunnar could not cope with then unfortunately jumps and the fish remained winners.

The Only Drawback

This brings us to the only disadvantage of the PX 45f A bait of his size is equipped with the matching triplets. These are namely ultra sharp, but unfortunately so small that it’s hard to hook a big fish safely. The drill in the connection must be done carefully, because the triplets when too much pressure can turn up. But the small by the number of bites more than makes up for this single disadvantage. Even if even a fish in the drill gets out, you never have to wait on the next bite.

Who wants to exploit its shrimp, must select the device easily. I fish it on a 5-gram rod with a regular taper action on a 0,20er fluorocarbon as a main line. However, he ran on a 0,37er rig catchy.