Love Sex Money Fashion Show

Love Sex Money fashion label catwalk during Milan fashion week, spring/summer 2011 collection with a vintage flavor. The trend for next summer was now dictated: many fashion brands have proposed on their catwalks a style that comes straight from the 1970s. Each, however, chose a different mood: for her fashion collection presented in Milan, Legalarmist, designer fashion brand, decided to be guided by the 1970s Americans.

The new fashion collection of fashion brands Love Sex Money, who paraded in the days of the Milan fashion week, proposes a series of garments with long straight lines, with bosses who discover the body of women covering it. The fashion line also takes inspiration from the creative inspiration of Kandinsky, for a fashion line decidedly basic, easy to wear.

Lorella Signorino offers a collection that consists of wide trousers, skirts, oversized cardigan, top and vest, but also transparent knit dresses, showcasing the intimate of models: intimate than next spring-summer 2011 is going to be, as they say many designers admired these days at Milan fashion week.
Even the Accessories offered for the hot season are absolutely essential: we have bags of perforated mat fur embellished flip flops that serve to defuse the long clothes offered in walkway and necklaces and bracelets made of wood and metal. Very glamorous.