Looks With Leggings For Summer

Legging pants are certainly enough pieces in your wardrobe wildcard of all women, be it in summer or winter, combining with virtually everything, being a rather interesting visual. For women, tall, short, skinny or plump, for all biotypes is possible if you use leggings. 

There is of course some tricks with this outfit so she can match each of the styles or physical types, and thus emphasize the color, texture and also other visual points of women who want to look beautiful and still look dashing.

The Various Models Of Pants Legging For Each Of The Women

There is a wide variety of templates for legging pants that no longer do just part of gyms to take care of walkways and streets around the world, then we will give some tips and show the most common models so that you can take inspiration.

Lisa Legging: Is a template that should not miss through the wardrobe. It is always interesting to have a smooth and legging with most basic colors, but if you want to dare, it is interesting to use brighter colors, even in neon tones. For this reason look when used by cheerful colours with parts that may be complementary or neutral color your look should be exaggerated by this reason be careful.

Long: This is a guy who combines with any person, women, must bet on arriving the calves and the lowest should use those templates that should reach the ankle, thus the silhouette may appear longer and also normal.

Printed Legging: For the girls who have more attitude and more daring also tend to like enough to bet on the leggings with prints. Animal print patterns, geometric figures, more abstract, ethnic designs or the beautiful galaxy print, that is the time for women. Also look for the opportunity to use these parts with more closed shoes such as boots or pumps to be round nozzle. As a tip, take into account that large prints are better in most big and small prints combine with women who are thinner. For this reason, try not to exaggerate in your look by using a sweater emblazoned, prefer also smooth.

Metallic: Are perfect for fall at the club during night, look you prefer using this type of pants in more informal events, calling a lot of attention, women who are age over 40 years should avoid the use of metallized legging, leaving for your teenage daughter as it will not be all right.

Wet Leggings: It’s a very interesting piece for the colder seasons of the year, are made of leather, vinyl or latex, so this model is somewhat daring and sexy. Normally she appears in more discrete colors, such as black and Brown, although this also fall well with colors red and gold, also leaving an end result pretty much.

Pant: The combination is the most creative of the jeans the legging. This is how a modern, relaxed more mixture and also fall nicely in more informal situations, such as walks in the Park, an afternoon of shopping at the Mall, among other places. All women can use and variety of sweaters that should fall well is almost endless, there are a number of other models that may be invited.