Look of the Day: Serra

What a beautiful ending that was?! We took advantage of the beautiful sunny day that gave yesterday to go to lunch in the Serra do Rio do Rastro, a beautiful place that always yields many photos … 

Photos that were made with the same mobile phone, with no intention of posting to the Blog, since I forgot to take the camera prof., But I liked the result and I decided to share it here with you.

I set the look with earthy tones, the color chart was: white, caramel, brown and black; I loved this color combination and the end result.

I bought this whiskey over boot last month and a week later I saw that fringed maxi cardigan in a shop window, I went in and bought it to wear it with the boot by the shades of it, but it had not been used yet. The white skinny pants I bought this Saturday, because I am of these, I buy and I already want to use.Saturday night when we agreed to go to the mountains I thought of putting on a look with these new pieces, I had the pants, maxi cardigan and boot over, I opted for a traditional white shirt of a very light fabric, since the focus was the maxi and I already had a lot of information on the look; I wore a brown LV clucht with pom pom caramel keyring, and brown glasses with the golden tip, all tone on tone.