Livia Kerr Launches Animal Pendants for Action with NGOS

OIII! We have a super news for you who, like us, love animals and are against any kind of mistreatment and abando and would like to be able to help these needy pets.

Livia Kerr Launches Animal Pendants for Action with NGOS 1

In order to express your love of animals, the designer Livia Kerr launched in July your new jewelry collection caters to the world of pets. Since he won your dog, Vittorio, Livia became a passionate about animals and went on to live with people who also love and struggle to save them from the streets, abandonment and mistreatment. And as a way to support the work of the NGO, the new collection will be part of your sale intended to Adopt a kitten .

Will be five pendants, silver and gold-plated silver with zircônias, in formats of animals-a Cat, two dogs, a paw and a bird-and can be used in necklaces or as in life bracelets Pendant on (Vivara or Pandora). The collection will be sold at the site of the designer, and your studio located in the Jardins, in São Paulo.

Livia Kerr Launches Animal Pendants for Action with NGOS 2

Besides liiiiindos, the trinkets have a price in mind, each costs R$96,00 and can be divided into up to 5 x, and paying the deposit is even cheaper!

Livia, designer and owner of the brand, your brand launched in 2009 producing jewelry and semi-precious differentiated and special for women who seek unique pieces and full of meaning.Graduated from the fine arts School of São Paulo, with specialization in jewelry design at the European Institute of Design in Milan and post graduate in Marketing fashion IED São Paulo.

To Adopt a kitten, not-for-profit organization, works in the defense and protection of cats, today with more than 12 years existence, has more than 75 volunteers and more than 7,000 cats already donated.

Livia Kerr Launches Animal Pendants for Action with NGOS 3

How to help Adopt a kitten:

You can help you Adopt a kitten when accessing the site or sending e-mail
The abandoned kittens aid applications should be sent to

Very nice this idea of Livia Kerr right girls? Who buy, let us know here in the comments! Kisses.