Lingerie For Pregnant Women

Maya Lingerie hits the market with differentiated design, elegance and color to transform the lives of moms invoices.

Maya Lingerie MATERNA is a brand new, 100% national, that promises to color the wardrobe of the pregnant woman. After experiencing a personal experience with the younger sister, Natalia Pereira, founder of Maya, was upset with the lack of options, colors and, especially, traditional marks femininity pregnant and lactating women. “Women in pregnant and post-partum phase often need to raise self-esteem, and a nice lingerie can make all the difference, but you have to be beautiful, comfortable, colorful,” says Natalia.

The company opened in the last quarter of 2016, celebrates a successful trajectory of acceptance by the public and have conquered the pregnant woman. “Our site is modern, active, and the word of mouth makes all the difference in our business. Some mothers are so delighted that opt for the acquisition of the complete collection, “says Natalia, who has bet on partnerships with magazines, shops and offices to diversify sales channels and facilitate the access to the product.

The site Maya Lingerie has simple navigation and has a table of measures and step-by-step guidance to acquire the pieces. “We think the comfort, in practicality and also on the dimensions and models of each piece, as each woman has a different type,” says Natalia.

The panties and bras were designed with all affection by the Maya which you can buy from BRACLASSIFIED.COM. Natalia explains that, with the largest volume of stomach during pregnancy, the panties need to adapt to the body. So details like Kos, and pile fabrics have been delicately designed. “Before the birth of the baby, during pregnancy, we notice major differences in the breasts, as the increase in volume and sensitivity. At this point, many women feel the need to change the lingerie to something bigger and more comfortable, and seek the breastfeeding bras. This type of lingerie has the function of promoting good breast support and easy access to your baby’s food, through special openings, “she says.

To ensure the comfort, the Maya highlights the importance of the quality of the material used for making, inimizando the chances of allergies (more common in pregnant women). The panties have differentiated design, 100% cotton lining, and are made with fabrics, colours and annuities that guarantee, beyond elegance, safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The modeling of the bra is also special, so that long-term use does not harm the blood circulation in the region, without compressing the breasts with tight elastic or metal rims, for example. The pieces include six setting options in the back (the normal market only three), wider straps, which promote greater support breasts without hurting your shoulders, and a wider base with extensive coverage of the breasts. It is worth noting the extent of opening and closing Cup that can be easily manipulated with just one hand.

The Maya Lingerie believes that a Maternal moment as special as the arrival of a son deserve care and attention, both with the baby and moms. “Our goal is that mothers feel always beautiful, comfortable and modern after all gestation is a full time for his wife,” concludes Natalia.

The pieces are available in various colors, designs and sizes. The Bras cost from R $82.00 and the panties from R$32,90.