Lighting In The Baby’s Room

We continue with the special decoration of the baby’s room, and today we are going to talk about lighting.There is no doubt that the ideal in a children’s bedroom and generally in any room is that it receives a lot of natural light, outdoor bedrooms with large windows and well-oriented are the most we like.

Then we will take care that the light does not enter when we do not want it, with curtains, curtains, blinds or blinds, but the good thing is to have the possibility to enjoy it whenever we want.

So when we talk about aspects related to lighting we usually refer to artificial lighting, because with the natural, there will never be too much problem, we can always slow it down and if there is a shortage of it, we must compensate it with well placed lamps. Each room has its different characteristics that to some extent condition the way to light, but we will see some general guidelines to follow to illuminate the bedrooms of children.

Types of Lamps for Baby’s Room

Personally I am not in favor of embedded halogens, although today there are dimmable and also embedded LED bulbs in a children’s bedroom I prefer a traditional lamp on the ceiling and some other point of indirect light. The best thing for a child’s room is a hanging lamp such as the one we see in the photo on these lines .

The lamp will be placed in the centered ceiling and will be complemented with other auxiliary lamps, one more at least, that provides us with indirect light, ideally that other lamp is in the wall, we can opt for a model of foot while the child Is a baby, but as soon as he starts walking, that option would be dangerous. The wall lighthas the advantage that it is not within reach of the child and the inconvenience that we can not move it to direct the light in the direction that we want.

It is also true that when the child grows up soon we will be able to incorporate any type of lamp into the room, in fact it will be very important to light the area well when you start to spend part of your time studying at home. In that sense they are more comfortable table lamps for example, we can place it on a dresser or table while the child is a baby and then use it on the study table. There are also lamps with clamp that can be anchored in tables and other furniture, but you have to be careful, because the clamp eventually ends spoiling the furniture.

Create ambience with lighting in the baby’s room

Today there are options to integrate light into a room that breaks to some extent with the concept of traditional lamp and that can help us create in the room a magical environment ideal for the child’s rest and for their games. There is built- in LED wallpaper that turns any surface, whether the ceiling or the wall, to light, many like the ceiling of the children’s room to look like the starry sky at night and today that is easy to get.

We can also choose lamps that do not look like what they are or remind us of something else, such as the balloon-shaped lamps that we see in the photo and to a certain extent remind the fairs and a festive atmosphere, very suitable for children’s room. Children as they grow up will use their room for their games and the lighting and the shape of the lamps can help make the room a good stage for them.

Original Lamps for Children’s Bedroom

Although floor lamps and table lamps are not very recommendable for children’s bedrooms, the truth is that in design there are real gems, although the standing ones are more dangerous because they are within reach of children from the floor and could throw them and hurt With them, with the table, it does not have to be a problem if we place them in a place far from the reach of the little ones. Some may actually be used for children’s bedrooms but they can also be placed in the adults as the animal shaped lamps in the photo on these lines.

When children begin to make their own drawings, we can contemplate the option of placing custom lamps with themthat are very beautiful. The shape and colors of the lamps we choose should be in accordance with the decoration of the rest of the room, with the drawings on the walls, if there are any and with the colors of the furniture and the ones that we will choose for the Textile complements, so that the whole set is well balanced and integrated.

Night lamps for children’s bedrooms

A classic in the children’s room because of the little that usually likes the dark, is the night lamp, a small lamp that provides a light of low intensity and is left on all night so that if the child wakes up can See with some clarity around them. It is also a help for us, that if we have to enter the room during the night we will not have to do it totally in the dark with the opinion of

The typical thing is that these lamps have shapes inspired by motifs that children, suns, moons or stars, flowers or animals usually like… some like the one in the photo are inspired by stories like ‘The Little Prince’ . They tend to be lamps that are not very expensive and that are actually bought by the adult, many times the child is still so small that it will give the same shape as his lamp, we are the ones who enjoy the most seeing it in his room.

In short, let’s flee from recessed fluorescent tubes and halogen lamps, let’s start by placing a lamp centered on the ceiling and then we can choose between a floor lamp, which I love next to the crib, but when the child grows we should retire for a while, Or a wall that is less dangerous but you can not move, finally the table and night are circumstantial complements, we move and change over time.