Lighting: How to Make Your Space More Enjoyable.

The lighting of a home is a very important factor for the well-being of the residents. Light influences the function of each environment, has the power to relax or Excite.

“The light well used leaves the space more enjoyable. And if a same space has different uses, the combination of light from the ceiling with lamps, wall sconces or floor fixtures may feature space for different purposes: work, rest and leisure”.

A good lighting does not depend on expensive products, but products strategically placed and with the right wattage.

Learn how to increase the comfort:


“Is a great feature to adjust the light. You use the strongest light for work or weaker to date, for example “. But beware, the dimer only works with incandescent lamps, traditional.

Kitchen and offices

“Opt for light bulbs, and more intense service. The fluorescent tube, better known as cold lamps, consume less and don’t heat up and are suitable for working environments.”

Living room

“A space has a comfortable light when illuminated by several low-intensity lamps and not just a stronger light. Acrylic dome lamp or glass lights everywhere, creating a warmer light.


“I like to use light fixtures which hide the source (lamp) at the time you lie down in bed. The light bounces off the ceiling and gets more comfortable.”

Colored lamps

“It’s a good resource, gives a atmosphere as the color I have a lamp with a red lamp in my living room, it’s a light open.”
Ricardo Heder, lighting designer.