Light Far Beyond Lighting

On a visit to Brazil, head of Philips design Announces lighting trends

Humanizing the lighting, custom projects , influence the mood of the people through the light. These were some of the major trends presented in the sixth edition of the Light + Building, one of the leading world fairs, held in mid-April, in Frankfurt, Germany.

The news came from the Colombian Oscar Peña, Member of the Board of the Design Management International Institute and responsible for the most daring designs of Philips Lighting, who was in Brazil this week.

“I’m fascinated by the idea that the lighting has the power to stimulate and relax , being an extremely powerful element and, at the same time, very delicate,” he said, during the presentation of the news.

One of them, already aligned with global trends, is the lamp LivingColors, formed by four LEDs, which allow the emission of light by as much as 16 million different nuances according to your mood. Here at you can get more different models of the lighting. “The goal is to be able to paint the House with light.”

A wireless, colour wheel with touch screen system, allows you to store different color sequences and trigger up to six lamps at the same time.

Still thinking about how light can help improve the mood of the people, the company has created an alarm clock based on light, instead of beeps and tunes. “The user receives stimuli to get out of bed most excited. Is a more natural process, “says Peña.

Another movement that already comes to Brazil is subtle but fundamental integration between lighting and architecture . “Soon people will its looks more to the lighting design than to the furniture,” says Pena, citing the luminaire Cielo, newly released in Europe that uses the LED as light source. The product should reach Brazil in the second half of 2010.