Lg G6

The LG G6 is the new hope of LG mobile. This year’s flagship smartphone was introduced within the framework of the 2017 MWC in Barcelona and convinces with good facilities. But, we can not understand a decision-and this is not about the processor. We have summarized all information.

LG G6 with FullVision display in 18:9-format

LG Mobile has in the last few weeks already revealed much information about the new LG G6 and thus triggered a little hype surrounding the Smartphone. It was already known that compared a significantly larger display with a diagonal of 5.7 inches will be the LG G5 with 5.3 inches to use, which, however, has a new 18:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2,880 x 1440 pixels. The edges of the display are rounded, which fits very well with the housing. Overall the display covers so 80 percent of the front and the Smartphone fails through the compact external dimensions barely bigger than its predecessor. The Smartphone supports the display of HDR 10 and Dolby vision. LG works Prime and Netflix with providers like Amazon, so that the representation on the display’s full potential.

The screen can be divided by the new aspect ratio in two squares and represent two apps at the same size. LG has added many apps to the presentation in the split screen and it adapted their interface. So a photo can be in the camera app, for example in the 1:1-format shooting, look at the bottom of the display and share directly with Instagram . These adjustments have experienced many system apps. Total surface of the design has changed here but hardly, so that you directly find your way as a LG user.

According to LG Mobile will get games and Google play content in the value at the purchase of the Smartphone $ 200. Temple run 2: the lost jungle is first published and there are enough coins for the G6, unlock to all extensions.

Android 7.0 nougat and Google Assistant

That the MWC 2017 the LG-G6-smartphones in Barcelona run with Android 7.0 nougat. The South Korean company has developed no own artificial intelligence, but relies on the Google Assistant. After the pixel-Smartphone the LG G6 is the first consumer device that is equipped with the personal assistant of Google. He speaks not only English, but also German and can also be used with display switched off.

LG G6 with snapdragon 821

As was already known, runs the LG G6 with the 821 Qualcomm Snapdragon. LG Mobile has decided against the Snapdragon 835 since the launch of the Smartphone would have moved so to weeks or even months. The performance should be very high, so that there are no disadvantages for the user. There are 4 GB RAM and depending on the region of 32 or 64 GB internal memory that can be expanded via microSD card.

The battery mAh has a capacity of 3,300, is firmly fitted and should enable a high maturity. Fast charging takes place via USB type C connector. Wireless charging is there inexplicably but only in the United States. LG has optimized the production process of the battery to ensure high reliability. What is also missing from the German model that is 32-bit Quad DAC. Advance big advertised will integrate this function only in Asia. Actually incomprehensible.

Waterproof, dual camera and metal glass case

In spite of the housing made of metal and glass and the appearance of high-quality, the LG G6 is IP68 certified and thus exactly water – and dust-proof as the Galaxy S7 by Samsung. The fingerprint scanner is found under the dual camera with dual-LED flash. Both sensors MP resolve with 13. The concept remains the same when compared to its predecessor. There is a normal sensor as well as a wide angle. The quality of both cameras is to be have been improved. Videos can be added to 4 K. At the front a 5-MP camera with wide angle can be found. Was indispensable to the 3.5 mm jack for headphones, this can be found at the top.

LG G6: Technical data at a glance

LG G6: Price and availability

The LG G6 is available from April 2017. The price is according to the latest information at 749 euros. At this price you can, for example, pre-order at Media Markt*. LG Mobile has not mentioned so far but an official price and availability.