Legendary Jewelry Gem from Tiffany

Platinum and 587 125 Carat diamonds: Jean Schlumbergers “Stars and Moons” – chain, is a stunning one of a kind – like all other pieces of the Tiffany anniversary collection.

The classy jewelry company Tiffany & co. is an American institution for 175 years – already Abraham Lincoln went personally to Tiffany, to buy a story for his wife. Today, world’s 260 shops belong to the Tiffany Empire. The new collection of 2012 celebrates the anniversary with exquisite creations made from high-quality gems.

“There nothing bad can happen to you” raved Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffanys” through the distinctive gems dealer on Fifth Avenue. The new collection of outrageously expensive treasures demonstrates that the invitation to dream until today. Refers to the 175th anniversary of the world-famous jeweler Tiffany & co. on its renowned design tradition and the inspired perfectionism of founder Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812-1902). His undisputed influence on the American jewelry design manifests itself again in the stylish range of imaginative necklaces, earrings, colored diamond rings and bracelets, whose sole viewing is an indescribable treat for the eyes and soul. Relish subtly incorporated stars, butterflies, crescents and pale pink lilies from the tendrils of brilliant ornaments in the latest jewelry sparkle. Elegant and playful Tiffany combines harmoniously classical influences from Art Decoration and Art New Royal elegance and typical American Mosaic work of diamonds.

Search for the Most Unusual Gemstones

Tsavorite, tanzanite, morganite – the fine-sounding names are inseparable from the history of Tiffany. The charismatic colored diamonds are characteristic of the Tiffany story. The Jubilee creations by 2012 addressing the historical discoveries of the treasures and present the rarest and most desirable stones, processes order by Tiffany in the anniversary collection.in the Gemmologist Dr. George Frederick Kunz (1856-1932) traveled the world looking for the most unusual gems.

Sensing Spirit of a Gem Pioneer

His discoveries and their subsequent marketing dominated the American art of jewelry and provided worldwide for aesthetic enthusiasm. In honor of Dr. Kunz, a pink rectangularly stone found in California was named “Kunzite” – and sold by Tiffany in 1902 for the first time. In the current collection, the 175 carats-heavy “Tiffany anniversary kunzite” trailers gets the tireless exploration spirit of gem pioneer in a special way in memory.

Showpiece in Honor of Loyal Customers

In turn, the financial magnate and avid gem collector loyal Tiffany customer John Pierpont Morgan, is celebrated as namesake for the pink shimmering “morganite” from Madagascar with the showpiece of the collection. The “Tiffany anniversary morganite”-Collier through a 175 carats heavy Morganiten Marquise-Cut stands out, which is fastened to a loop with diamonds. A perfect birthday gift in consummate elegance.

Polished Crown these and others by hand gems refined in ornately romantic creations by Tiffany master craftsmen the 175th anniversary – with other historical facts from the history of the jewel.